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At Heart of InTrade Mystery: $2.6M Paid to Dead Founder

2010-'11 payouts not sufficiently documented

(Newser) - Betting site InTrade has shut down abruptly and its founder might have some tough questions to answer—if he hadn't died during a 2011 attempt to climb Mount Everest. A recent audit found that the Dublin-based company made $2.6 million in "insufficiently documented payments" to founder John... More »

InTrade Abruptly Shuts Down

No word whether the move is permanent

(Newser) - InTrade, the Ireland-based betting site on which you could wager on the presidential election and other non-sports events, abruptly shut down yesterday, AllThingsD reports. An official statement on the website cites possible "financial irregularities" that require it to cease operations, but does not give any details. The move, which... More »

Maybe Sports Betting Can Save Newspapers

Desperate times require desperate solutions, some say

(Newser) - With newspapers sinking deeper into trouble by the day, Maureen Dowd explores the idea of saving the day with a little vice. Specifically, allowing papers to rake in money by setting up online sports betting on their websites. Dowd herself isn't pushing it, but she has fun kicking it around... More »

Feds Freeze Online Poker Players' Winnings

Prosecutors deal blow to gamblers as crackdown begins

(Newser) - Federal authorities have seized or frozen bank accounts holding $34 million belonging to online poker players in what appears to be the start of a crackdown, the Wall Street Journal reports. The accounts are managed by a company that handles payments for several popular online poker sites, and the cash... More »

Super Bowl Inspires Super Wacky Wagers

How much do you want to bet Bruce sings Born to Run ?

(Newser) - Propositions, or "prop bets," can add some spice to a Super Bowl blowout even as they leave oddsmakers shaking their heads. "They're a pain in the ass," a Las Vegas bookmaker tells ESPN the Magazine. "But it keeps non-fans interested for the entire game."... More »

Don't Want to Bet on the Super Bowl? Bet on Jennifer

Internet offers wagering on how long it'll take her to sing anthem, and other odd stuff

(Newser) - Want to gamble on the Super Bowl, but know nothing about football? No problem: You can place your bets for how long it will take Jennifer Hudson to sing the national anthem Sunday instead, TMZ reports. Sites like have all sorts of options that have little to do... More »

Davydenko Didn't Fix Matches, ATP Probe Finds

Tennis body finds no evidence Russian threw '07 contest for gambling profit

(Newser) - Nikolay Davydenko had nothing to do with any match-fixing, tennis authorities announced today after a lengthy investigation. Davydenko, 27, had been under suspicion after abnormally high betting on a 2007 match from which he withdrew citing injury, the BBC reports. Almost $7 million was placed on Davydenko’s opponent on... More »

US Scores With Only $21M in WTO Sanctions

Antigua sought $3.4B for online betting ban; US talks revising treaty

(Newser) - The WTO ruled today Antigua could impose $21 million in trade sanctions on the US because of an online betting ban, a significant loss for the Caribbean island that had sought $3.4 billion. The trade organization recognized the American authority to police public morals but said Washington could not... More »

8 Stories