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One Ohio Man Has No Clue What's Going On in the World

And intentionally: Erik Hagerman blocks out all news, from politics to mass shootings

(Newser) - It's a list worth quoting (and we'll add Stormy Daniels to it): "James Comey. Russia. Robert Mueller. Las Vegas. The travel ban. 'Alternative facts.' Pussy hats. Scaramucci. Parkland. Big nuclear buttons. Roy Moore." These are all things Erik Hagerman has zero knowledge of, writes... More »

Facebook Dumps News Outlets as 'Trending Topics' Gauge

After allegations the social network was suppressing conservative news

(Newser) - Facebook is dropping its reliance on news outlets to help determine what gets posted as a "trending topic," a move adopted after backlash over a report saying it suppressed conservative views, the AP reports. Facebook's general counsel outlined the change in a 12-page letter Monday to Republican... More »

John Oliver Cracks 'Most Influential' List for Political Media

Mediaite's ranking of movers and shakers puts Roger Ailes at No. 1

(Newser) - It's been a "contentious, bizarre, and always entertaining primary season" so far in the world of politics, Mediaite notes in its roundup of the 25 "biggest movers and shakers" in the political media arena. And that type of season may have served as the perfect breeding ground... More »

Mayer's Job: Figure Out What Yahoo Is

David Carr's guess: It's all about news

(Newser) - Yahoo is so unsure of its own goals that David Carr wonders "whether the frothy trademark Yahoo! should be replaced with Yahoo?," he writes in the New York Times . Now that Marissa Mayer is onboard as CEO, it's time for the company to define itself. And Carr... More »

McDonald's Launches Own TV Channel

Already grabbing ginormous audience in Southwest

(Newser) - Bored with merely eating and talking when you indulge in a McDonald's visit? Soon you'll be able to watch TV—that is, McTV. The mega-fast-food chain is launching its own exclusive channel, McDonald's Television, with corporate-approved content like entertainment news, advertising, and bits on local moms and... More »

Glenn Beck Launches News Website

Beck says 'The Blaze' will focus on under-covered stories

(Newser) - Glenn Beck has launched a news and opinion website that supporters believe has the potential to become "the conservative Huffington Post." is being edited by former Breitbart TV host Scott Baker. The site, launched late last night, will focus on "news and information,” Baker... More »

This Week Move Risky for ABC, Amanpour

Foreign correspondent is odd fit for DC-centric This Week

(Newser) - Christiane Amanpour isn't an obvious choice to host ABC’s Sunday gabfest This Week, but the network is confident in its choice. ABC says “Interviews and analysis about domestic politics and policies” will remain the show's focus, with the addition of an “international perspective.” Counting on a... More »

Online News Overtakes Radio, Print

But television news remains most popular according to Pew study

(Newser) - More Americans get their news today from Internet sources than from local or national print newspapers or from the radio. More than 60% of respondents in a Pew survey get their news online, and most use a variety of sources. The most popular information is weather, at 81%, followed by... More »

Fox Most Trusted Network: Poll

CNN ranks second, as Americans favor outlets they agree with

(Newser) - Americans consider Fox the most trusted name in news broadcasting, a poll released yesterday found. Some 49% of the 1151 registered voters surveyed by PPP said they trusted the network's news coverage, 10% ahead of CNN. Fox also recorded the lowest level of distrust, 37%. The major networks fared the... More »

Sam Zell Steps Down as Tribune CEO

Randy Michaels steps up as court ruling beats back creditors

(Newser) - Maverick takeover artist Sam Zell resigned as CEO of the Tribune Co. today, naming Randy Michaels as his successor. Zell is still chairman of the news giant he bought, disastrously, in 2007. Tribune, which has been bankrupt for almost a year, yesterday won an extension until February of the right... More »

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...

...and founder Michael Wolff is in jail

(Newser) - The year is 2012, and Michael Wolff is in prison. He’s the first high-profile conviction under 2011’s anti-aggregation law, the draconian act that’s allowed newspapers to duck behind ever-pricier paywalls. These days, a New York Times subscription will run you $7,000, and “the cultural divide... More »

Balloon Boy Is What's Wrong With Cable News

Popular stories don't need to take up 100% of channels' airtime

(Newser) - The "balloon boy" non-story was just the latest example of how ridiculous cable news has become, writes Alan Sepinwall. With a war raging in Afghanistan, a jobless “recovery,” and a complex ongoing health care debate, the "news" networks spend hours on nothing at all. The problem... More »

CNN's iPhone App Is a Winner

Well-designed add-on makes life easier for network's video-savvy citizen journalists

(Newser) - CNN’s iPhone app is well-designed and intuitive, with enough features to more than justify its $2 price tag. The app makes good use of the iPhone interface, offering different scrolling navigations for stories depending on the handset’s orientation, writes Eliot Van Buskirk for Wired. But perhaps the most... More »

'Tragedy Porn' Drags Down News Sources

Online outlets mull pay models, putting a price on sensational stories

(Newser) - Word is that newspapers will soon start charging for online news—but no one’s quite sure what it’s worth. Take a story like the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping: It’s “tragedy porn” that “neither informs nor enlightens. It merely titillates,” writes Simon Dumenco for Advertising Age.... More »

Politico's Obsessive Focus Is Future of News

It's all politics, all the time, and it works

(Newser) - If you want to see the future of news—and how it will be delivered—look no further than Politico as a reasonable guide, writes Newser founder Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair. Unlike general-interest newspapers, which flail about knowing too little about everything, Politico has an obsessive focus: “It... More »

Condé Nast Shutters Portfolio

(Newser) - Condé Nast’s once-ballyhooed Portfolio magazine will cease publishing immediately, staffers were told this morning. “The five main categories of advertising a publication like ours depends on are really in trouble,” Condé Nast’s group president told the New York Times. The magazine launched in April 2007, and... More »

Colbert + Stewart = Cronkite: 30% of Young Viewers

Political satire is replacing traditional news for some: poll

(Newser) - Nearly 39% of under-40 Americans say satirical shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are keeping viewers politically informed, and 21% believe they influence public opinion, a poll finds. But the verdict is split on whether such shows’ success indicates that comedic delivery is replacing traditional news: 30%... More »

NPR Snagged Most Listeners Ever in '08

23.6M tuned in, but public radio still faces budget shortages

(Newser) - There’s one growth story in the otherwise moribund news media industry, and it’s downright old fashioned: National Public Radio. Riding its hugely popular “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” shows, NPR had more listeners than ever in 2008—23.6 million a week—up 8.7%... More »

Reporting From Gaza, This Is Joe the Plumber

Campaign celeb tries war journalism for conservative website

(Newser) - Perhaps in an effort to ditch his infamous moniker, Joe the Plumber is swapping plunger for pen. The Ohio businessman, the presidential election’s "average American," will spend 10 days near Gaza covering Israel’s perspective on the conflict for, Internet arm of conservative Pajamas Media.... More »

A New Day Dawns for Black News

Will cover presidency in return to newsier days

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s victory has inspired a newsier turn in the black press, Politico reports. Essence, the bestselling magazine among black women, will name its first full-time White House reporter as Ebony sends a journo to DC and sister mag Jet promises a Washington report in each issue. “Who... More »

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