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Apple Revamps Desktops

Energy efficiency key to overhaul

(Newser) - Apple today announced updates to its desktop line: All computers got a boost in energy efficiency and meet upcoming EnergyStar 5.0 regulations, CNET reports. Prices dropped on some models as well: The new Mac Pros start at $2,499 and feature Intel Xeon processors; the iMac now starts at... More »

What's the Next Bright Idea for Light Bulbs?

Two next-generation contenders emerge

(Newser) - Retailers will be banned from selling inefficient incandescent bulbs in 2012, but manufacturers say their bright idea about compact fluorescents came years ago and the industry was heading in that direction anyway. In fact, the coming years will see a wave of more efficient light sources—not only flourescents, but... More »

5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Office

The bottom line looks better with a little green in it

(Newser) - ComputerWorld offerss pointers for corporate offices that want to save energy. Do it for the climate. Do it for your grandkids. But most of all, do it for the bottom line.
  1. Know what you're blowing: Start your energy audit with a meter.
  2. Use those sleep settings, and do so consistently.
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Actually, It Is Easy Being Green

Environmental consciousness and convenience don't have to be opposites. Use these tips to green up your home.

(Newser) - So you're not ready to give up your car for a bicycle to help the Earth. LiveScience suggests 10 baby steps to going green that won't even cramp your style.
  1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  2. Purchase Energy Star-rated appliances, electronics, and lighting.
  3. Instead of plastic bags, shop with a reusable
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4 Stories