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Global Leaders Slam Israel's West Bank Expansion Plan

Officials say move would trample peace deals

(Newser) - Israeli plans to build a new West Bank settlement—one that was shelved after strenuous objections from the US in 2006—were revived yesterday, sparking an international outcry, the Washington Post reports. “They're burying the Annapolis process,” said a Palestinian negotiator, referring to agreements made at the Bush-led... More »

Peace Talks Snag on Jerusalem

Palestinians want to discuss issue Israelis say isn't on the table

(Newser) - Peace talks between Israel and Palestinians were set to resume today as leaders were already entangled in a first major clash: over whether or not they agreed that Jerusalem would be part of the discussion. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has claimed the Palestinians agreed to put off discussing Jerusalem.... More »

Israel Plans to Expand Settlements

West Bank building plans do not help peace talks with Palestinians

(Newser) - The road to Arab-Israeli peace could take yet another detour, the New York Times says, after Israel announced plans today to seek funding for the expansion of two Jewish settlements in areas Palestinians hope to claim for a future state. The two sides are expected to meet tomorrow, but Palestine’... More »

US to Privately Grade Mideast Peace Plan

Critics question secret oversight; official says it avoids public blame

(Newser) - Washington will secretly score Israeli and Palestinian adherence to the "road map" peace plan and hash out results with each side, Reuters reports. US diplomats plan to report to the White House on Israeli settlement growth and Palestinian vows to curb militants, two keys to the peace deal—but... More »

4 Stories