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If This Guy Wants a Shutdown, It Must Be Dumb

Reagan crony David Stockman wrong again

(Newser) - How do you know that shutting down the government is an absolutely terrible idea? Because David Stockman is for it, reasons Dee Dee Myers in Vanity Fair . “Bring it on!” declared Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s one-time budget guru, in a Daily Beast interview. “If the Republicans hold... More »

What People Flub About the Gipper

Will Bunch tackles five enduring myths about Ronald Reagan

(Newser) - Today is the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, so Will Bunch takes the opportunity to clear up five commonly believed myths about the conservative icon in the Washington Post :
  • Reagan was a very popular president. While Reagan scores high marks now, his approval rating in office averaged just 52.8%.
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'Radical' Budget Aims to Shrink Income Gap

Overhauling tax code, Obama's plans would reverse 30-year trend

(Newser) - Barack Obama's first budget is, above all, an attempt to shrink the gap between rich and poor that has grown rapidly for 30 years, writes David Leonhardt of the New York Times. The "bold, even radical" budget hikes taxes on the rich while dropping them to their lowest point... More »

Whom to Thank for This Mess

Bad decisions starting in the '80s triggered the credit crisis

(Newser) - This financial crisis brewed over decades of bad decisions, and, in Vanity Fair, economist Joseph Stiglitz makes sure credit is given where due:
  • In 1987 President Reagan appointed anti-regulation Alan Greenspan to a regulatory post.
  • Greenspan offered the markets a "flood of liquidity" that boosted inflation and caused
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Wave Goodbye to Reaganism

Wall St. collapse shows old policies no longer work for modern US

(Newser) - Reaganism—the graying policy of low taxes, light regulation, small government, and “cowboy capitalism”—is over. Worse, Francis Fukuyama writes in Newsweek, it, along with Washington’s ill-advised foreign policy, is tarnishing the American brand. “Restoring our good name and reviving the appeal of our brand is... More »

Say Goodbye to the Reagan Revolution

Leaders abandon deregulation for a hands on approach

(Newser) - The Reagan Revolution, which ushered in a quarter century of deregulation, looks as if it's taken a stake in the heart, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Fed is offering tens of billions in emergency loans to failing banks, the SEC wants more power to regulate financial institutions, and the... More »

A Tale of 2 (Rich) Candidates

Edwards, Romney draw different lessons from good fortune

(Newser) - John Edwards and Mitt Romney are both self-made millionaires who used their wealth to climb the political ladder, the New York Times reports. But Edwards is an old-school populist who chalks up the current 1920s-level income gap to Reaganesque policies eroding the middle class, while Romney thinks the key to... More »

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