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France Mulls Tiger Woods' 'Extra-Marital Asylum' Plea

Slate's French arm submits request for embattled golfer

(Newser) - Saying he’s being dragged through the mud over his affairs by America’s hypocritical public and media, Tiger Woods has submitted a request for “extra-marital asylum in France. Or, rather, Layla Demay has on his behalf, writing for Slate’s French arm. “While in my country one... More »

Rwanda Targets French Leaders for Genocide

Commission says Paris was complicit in 1994 massacres

(Newser) - Senior French politicians, including the late president François Mitterand and two prime ministers, were complicit in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, alleges a  500-page report released by the government . The report, which follows a 2-year investigation, also accuses the French military of crimes against humanity. Rwanda's justice ministry said... More »

Sarko Hints at Marriage to Bruni

'It is serious,' says president at New Year's press conference

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy alluded to possible wedding bells with supermodel Carla Bruni today, telling a packed press conference that "There is a strong chance that you will learn about it once it's already been done." Calling the relationship "serious," he lashed out at critics who accused him... More »

Le Beau Sarko Vexes French

Tiny Casanova's antics create cult status as some deride his lack of decorum

(Newser) - He ain't your daddy's Jacques Chirac, and French president Nicolas Sarkozy's escapades have his countrymen both enthralled and concerned, reports the Guardian. His rollercoaster love life provides delicious gossip to a public that buys "I love Sarko" skivvies, and the tiny dynamo poses for intimate photo shoots and traipses... More »

4 Stories