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Scores Killed in 'Maoist Train Attack' in India

At least 65 dead after blast

(Newser) - At least 65 people have been killed by a train crash in eastern India that officials believe was the work of Maoist rebels. A blast hit an overnight passenger train from Calcutta as it passed through a rebel stronghold, sending 13 cars into the path of an oncoming cargo train.... More »

Maoist Train Hijackers End Siege in India

300 passengers freed

(Newser) - Suspected Maoist rebels who hijacked an India train ended a four-hour standoff with authorities and released 300 passengers, reports CNN. No one was injured. Hundreds of men surrounded and disabled the train as it traveled through a forest in the state of Jharkhand early today. Rebel attacks in the area... More »

18 Dead in Indian Election Violence

Maoist guerrillas kill, kidnap electoral officials

(Newser) - Eighteen people have died as a result of attacks by Maoist guerrillas during the first day of voting in India's national elections, the Guardian reports. The guerrillas, called Naxalites, staged violent attacks today on polling stations, killing security guards and kidnapping at least four electoral officials. More »

World's Biggest Democracy Goes to the Polls

Attacks from Maoist rebels mar start of India's month-long election

(Newser) - The first of 714 million eligible voters cast their ballots in the opening round of India's election today, reports the BBC. The month-long voting process pits the Congress party-led ruling coalition against the opposition Hindu nationalist BJP party and a coalition of Communist and regional third parties. Turnout has been... More »

Royal Murders Continue to Haunt Nepal

New regime reopens probe into 8-year-old palace massacre

(Newser) - In an effort to cover up their own difficulties, the Maoist rebels-turned-rulers who govern Nepal have relaunched a probe into the royal massacre that helped bring them to power, Time reports. The incident 8 years ago—the crown prince killed the king and nine other relatives before taking his own... More »

Nepal Set to Abolish 240-Year-Old Monarchy

Voters out in droves for first election in 9 years

(Newser) - Voting is under way in Nepal's parliamentary elections, where citizens of the Himalayan nation are expected to endorse parties that will oust the 240-year-old monarchy, reports AFP. UN observers have commended a high turnout despite eight deaths in protests ahead of today's polling, the centerpiece of a peace deal between... More »

Nepal to Ax Monarchy, Install Republic

Leaders cave after 3-month standoff with Maoists

(Newser) - After almost three months of deadlock, Nepal agreed today to end its 240-year-old monarchy and set up a republic, the BBC reports. Maoist rebels, who had walked out in October and staged violent protests, struck the deal with Nepal's leaders, which will go into effect after elections next spring. More »

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