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Jamaica Wants to Legalize Pot, Ditch the Queen

That's some 2016-2017 agenda—and there's more

(Newser) - Jamaican lawmakers have apparently had a lot on their minds lately, as per the government's just-released 2016-2017 legislative agenda, with proposals including amending the country's constitution to dump Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state and make Jamaica a republic, scheduling fixed election dates, ensuring term limits... More »

Jamaica PM Would Like Apology From UK for Slavery

Portia Simpson Miller calls history 'wicked and brutal'

(Newser) - Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller didn't mince words when asked yesterday about her country's history with Britain—just as Prince Harry arrived in the country for a visit. "No race should have been subjected to what our ancestors were subjected to," Miller said, according to... More »

It's Un-American to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

We aren't medieval subjects serving feudal lords and kings

(Newser) - Americans everywhere ought to applaud 10-year-old Will Phillips, who told his teacher to "go jump off a bridge" after doing what we all should do: criticizing the Pledge of Allegiance. Phillips argued that because gay marriage isn’t legal, there isn’t “liberty and justice for all”—... More »

Nepal to Become a Republic

People celebrate as monarchy ends

(Newser) - Nepal is becoming a democratic republic today—and it's getting its first taste of democracy's hiccups. As thousands gathered in the streets of Kathmandu to celebrate, the newly-elected constitutional assembly met to abolish the country’s monarchy. But the momentous vote has been delayed a few hours over disagreements about... More »

Nepal to Ax Monarchy, Install Republic

Leaders cave after 3-month standoff with Maoists

(Newser) - After almost three months of deadlock, Nepal agreed today to end its 240-year-old monarchy and set up a republic, the BBC reports. Maoist rebels, who had walked out in October and staged violent protests, struck the deal with Nepal's leaders, which will go into effect after elections next spring. More »

5 Stories