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2 Big Factors Made Harvey So Potent

Unusually warm water in the Gulf and no wind to push the storm away

(Newser) - Meteorologists seem to be running out of adjectives to describe the devastation of Harvey , with phrases such as "beyond anything experienced" and "1-in-1,000 year event" being thrown around. But why is Harvey so bad? The New York Times explains that it involves an unusual combination of factors,... More »

Windy Day Leads to Tragedy on Virginia Bridge

47-year-old Joseph Chen didn't survive after his rig plunged into Chesapeake Bay

(Newser) - A blustery day on a Virginia bridge led to a truck driver's death Thursday, the AP reports. Joseph Chen, a 47-year-old employee of Evans Transport, was crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in his tractor-trailer around 12:30pm, shortly after weather reports had indicated a Level 1 wind advisory, meaning... More »

10 Windiest Cities in US

Nashville, not Chicago, tops the list

(Newser) - Not a fan of blustery days? Steer clear of these places. Research firm CoreLogic has released a list of the windiest cities in the US based on wind-related events and maximum wind speed recorded in 279 metro areas in 2016 (including during Hurricane Matthew). The list: More »

This Is the Windiest City in the US

Plus, the rest of the top 5

(Newser) - Hold on to your hats, folks, before reading this one, especially if you live in a city that qualifies as among America's windiest. USA Today shares CoreLogic's rankings of 293 US cities by total force of severe wind gusts since 2006. It turns out the Windy City ranks... More »

Smart Seals Figure Out Bonus of Wind Farms

They're essentially 'grocery stores' in a changing ocean ecology

(Newser) - Massive offshore wind farms like Sheringham Shoal in England appear to be doing more than converting wind energy. The turbines also serve as artificial reefs, which become rich hunting grounds for seals in the area, according to a report in PhysOrg . Using GPS devices affixed to the backs of 200... More »

New Wind Turbine Makes Drinking Water

Inventor Marc Parent seeks solution to world water shortage

(Newser) - A French inventor may have an answer for the millions of people who scramble to find fresh drinking water each day: a wind turbine that literally pulls H2O from the air. Marc Parent, head of Eoie Water, designed the turbine while living in the Caribbean and enduring water shortages. His... More »

Wildfire Smoke Shrouds New England, Quebec

Blazes raging in Canadian forest send clouds hundreds of miles

(Newser) - Massive clouds of smoke from forest fires raging in Quebec have moved south and east across New England, screening the holiday-weekend sun throughout the region. "I just walked to the beach in Sandwich where you can usually see white cliffs in Plymouth, the Sagamore Bridge and sometimes the Provincetown... More »

Wind-Borne Chihuahua Safe

(Newser) - It is never fun to be a chihuahua in a wind storm, but this tale has a happy ending. It seems Tinker Bell, all 6 pounds of her, blew away from her owners amid 70mph gusts while at a flea market, the Detroit News reports. Her owners consulted a pet... More »

Turbine Plan Near Kennedy Home Puts Obama in a Bind

Cape Wind has minimal environmental impact, but is opposed by Mass. Sen.

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy's desire for a sweet Cape Cod view will test Obama’s commitment to green energy, Jim Geraghty writes for the National Review. Kennedy has been trying to stop Cape Wind, a plan to install turbines near the Kennedy compound. An Interior Department review approved the project, but admitted... More »

Cold Blast Envelops US

Arctic air spreads from Montana to New York

(Newser) - Arctic air extended its grip on the US today, with below-zero temperatures stretching from Montana to northern New England and frost nipping the Gulf Coast. It was so cold in northern Minnesota—38 below zero at International Falls, with the wind chill during the night estimated at 50 below—that... More »

Wind Dies Down in SoCal

As gusts slow, firefighters get reprieve, take preventative measures

(Newser) - The winds have let up in Southern California,  giving some relief to firefighters battling wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of residents to flee. Gusts in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles were down to 39mph, much lower than the roughly 80mph winds that fanned... More »

Outdated Power Grid Blowing Wind Energy Hopes: Experts

Creaky infrastructure not able to deliver alternative energy to consumers

(Newser) - The nation's outdated and congested power grid is putting a damper on plans to expand renewable energy programs, the New York Times reports. Generating power from the wind and sun is becoming easier—but getting the power to consumers who live far from the country's windiest and sunniest places remains... More »

Gay Is Fastest Man, Ever*

*Except that track, unlike any other sport, factors in the weather, columnist writes

(Newser) - Tyson Gay might have used the Olympic trials yesterday to cover 100 meters faster than any human in history, but he is not the world record-holder because track, unlike any other sport, attaches asterisks to records, Jim Caple writes on Strong tailwinds propelled Gay to victory, but his... More »

Blizzard Death Toll Hits 22

Snow and howling winds wreak havoc in nation's heartland

(Newser) - The death toll from a winter storm that pummeled the upper Midwest rose to 22 today, the AP reports. The worst of the storm is over for the region, but it left behind icy highways and downed power lines, especially in Wisconsin, Illinois, and upper Michigan. Remnants of the storm... More »

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