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Eyes Turn to Difficult-to-Predict Hurricane Jose

One model gives it a 25% chance of hitting US next week

(Newser) - Those already battered by one or two hurricanes don't want to hear that misfortune comes in threes. Following in the wake of Harvey and Irma late Monday, Hurricane Jose was a Category 1 storm near the southeast tip of the Bahamas, centered about 400 miles north-northeast of Turks and... More »

Thanks to Harvey, New Map Colors Needed to Track Rain

Previous scale topped out at more than 15"

(Newser) - It turns out even weather maps aren't safe from the wrath of Harvey's rainfall . NPR reports that the National Weather Service had to add colors to its mapping system in order to track rain in southeastern Texas. The agency says this move gives "perspective" to how much... More »

Chicago's 5th-Largest Storm Now Gunning for Northeast

Blizzard dumps 19 inches around Windy City, wreaks havoc on airlines, commutes

(Newser) - Canceled flights, school and court closings, and a treacherous morning commute are the results so far of the Chicago area's first blizzard of the winter, ranked by the National Weather Service as the fifth-largest multiday snowstorm there, the Chicago Tribune reports. Up to 19 inches have fallen in the... More »

SF Schools Closing Due to ... Rain

National Weather Service: could be worst storm in 5 years

(Newser) - New York was pelted with record rain this week, but even more could fall on the West Coast today. California could clearly use it , but San Francisco, Oakland, and Novato could see so much rainfall—2 to 4 inches are expected in San Francisco, with up to 8 inches in... More »

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate US Weather Network, Satellites

Though the breach happened in late September, it was kept quiet for weeks

(Newser) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which oversees the National Weather Service, announced in October that it was conducting "unscheduled maintenance" on its network. Turns out the reason was likely a security breach by hackers in China, reports the Washington Post . NOAA hasn't specified whether any classified... More »

Cold Front Blasts Through Northern US

Typhoon Nuri to blame for parts of the Northern US being cloaked in frost, snow

(Newser) - The tatters of a severe tropical cyclone called Typhoon Nuri collided with cold air over Alaska's Aleutian Islands this past weekend, earning it the nickname "bomb cyclone" (akin to the conditions that set off Superstorm Sandy in 2012). The resulting burst of "violent energy," reports CNN... More »

South Buckles Up for 'Mind-Boggling' Ice Storm

Worst is a wedge from Alabama to North Carolina

(Newser) - At least Atlanta won't have traffic jams for this storm, unlike last month . The AP reports that "streets and highways in metro Atlanta were largely deserted" this afternoon ahead of what is expected to be a monster ice storm in parts of the South. It helps that the... More »

Northeast Hunkers Down for a Whiteout

Blizzard or near-blizzard conditions expected in first big snowstorm of 2014

(Newser) - Mother Nature isn't making it an easy transition back to work in the new year, throwing a whole lot of snow, whipping winds, and freezing temperatures at commuters in the Northeast this week. As much as a foot of snow is expected in New England and New York today... More »

Just in Time for Thanksgiving: A Vicious Nor'easter

Weather service warns storm could snarl travel

(Newser) - A mighty storm is brewing off the East Coast and forecasters fear it could reach land just in time to cause Thanksgiving travel chaos. Weather models suggest a variety of outcomes when the storm moves north and meets a blast of Arctic air, but the most likely one is believed... More »

Weather Service Issues Coded Plea to Congress

'Please pay us,' says sneaky weather forecast

(Newser) - And the most imaginative plea yet to Congress to end this shutdown business goes to the National Weather Service in Anchorage. An official forecast yesterday contained pretty routine stuff, unless you happened to look at the first letter of every line, notes Techdirt . The coded message: "Please pay us.... More »

LA Braces for 'Life-Threatening' Heat

City could see record temperatures: National Weather Service

(Newser) - From tomorrow through Monday, the Los Angeles area is in for stifling heat, the National Weather Service says. "Life-threatening" temperatures could break records as they enter the triple digits, with Antelope Valley facing potential 115-degree heat. Los Angeles County is opening 89 cooling centers, the Los Angeles Times reports,... More »

Oklahoma Tornado Widest on Record

Friday's was measured at 2.6 miles wide

(Newser) - Those in its path probably won't be surprised, but the monster tornado that whipped through Oklahoma last week was the widest ever measured by the National Weather Service, reports USA Today . Its span of 2.6 miles edged out a 2004 Nebraska tornado for the record. The tornado's... More »

Now Can We Stop Cutting the Weather Service?

Oklahoma tornado should be a warning: David Sirota

(Newser) - The National Weather Service had a warning in effect 16 minutes before yesterday's tragic Oklahoma tornado —but we may not be as prepared next time around, thanks to the sequester's 8.2% cut to the Weather Service, David Sirota writes on Salon . The organization representing weather service... More »

To Weather Service's Chagrin, 'Nemo' Catching On

Weather Channel pleased as name spikes on Twitter

(Newser) - By now, you have probably made a Finding Nemo joke about the winter storm currently bearing down on the Northeast. "Nemo" is one of the top trending topics on Twitter, and is ranked fairly high in Google searches as well, the New York Times reports. All of which indicates... More »

2012 Warmest Year Ever for Continental US

And had the second most extreme weather

(Newser) - The past year was the hottest on record for the 48 contiguous states in the US, the NOAA announced today, featuring the warmest spring ever, the second warmest summer, the fourth warmest winter, and an above-average autumn. Overall, the average temperature was 55.3 degrees F, or 3.2 degrees... More »

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7

1K flights canceled as storm begins to pass

(Newser) - Seven people died across four states as a winter storm continued to tear through the Midwest, dumping more than a foot of snow on sections of Iowa and Wisconsin. A 25-car pileup in Iowa killed two people, and nearly 100 accidents were reported in the state by late last night.... More »

Weather Service Issues Gruesome Storm Warning

'Think of your remains,' says NJ statement

(Newser) - Sometimes you gotta get tough with stubborn New Jersey folks. So officials from the National Weather Service were a tad gruesome in their warning to residents to get out of low-lying areas now before Hurricane Sandy hits, reports BuzzFeed . After running down a list of reasons it makes no sense... More »

Weather Service Needs $36M to Avoid Furloughs

5K employees could be put on leave for 13 days this summer

(Newser) - The National Weather service plans to furlough as many as 5,000 employees for 13 days between July and September if a $36 million hole in its budget is not filled. The Weather Service is asking Congress for the money, asserting that the unpaid leave of employees will endanger critical... More »

US Heat Wave Worst Since 1995

As death toll hits 22

(Newser) - At least 22 deaths have now been attributed to the heat wave scorching the US this week, which one AccuWeather meteorologist yesterday predicted would “be more significant and impact a larger area than the deadly 1995 heat wave." That disaster killed a whopping 750 people over four days,... More »

Dramatic Solar Flare Could Mess With Things

It unleashed biggest firestorm of radiation in 5 years

(Newser) - The sun let loose a fiery explosion yesterday that could mess with GPS and communication satellites, power grids, and more, the National Weather Service warned today. “This one was rather dramatic,” an official from the NWS’ Space Weather Prediction Center tells the Telegraph . "We saw the initial... More »

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