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US Makes Its Biggest Pledge of Military Aid Ever

Deal with Israel follows months of behind-the-scenes negotiations

(Newser) - The United States will provide Israel's military with $38 billion during the next 10 years, officials said Tuesday, the largest batch of military assistance the US has ever pledged to another country. Following months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, the State Department said the two countries had reached a 10-year agreement,... More »

Missing in Yemen: $500M in US Weapons

After rebel takeover, Pentagon unsure of military aid's fate

(Newser) - With Yemen deep in turmoil and the US Embassy closed , American officials admit that they have no way of knowing what has happened to approximately $500 million in US weapons and equipment that the Pentagon has supplied to the country since 2007. "We have to assume it's completely... More »

The US Totally Blew $3M on Boats for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is landlocked, the boats were abnormally expensive, and more

(Newser) - The US has wasted money in many ways in the Afghan war, but the Washington Post highlights a particularly egregious one revealed by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction yesterday: The US spent $3 million in 2010 to buy the Afghan police eight patrol boats. That works out to... More »

US: We're Not Cutting All Aid to Egypt

White House denies CNN report, says decision coming in days

(Newser) - The White House is refuting reports from last night that it's leaving Egypt swinging in the wind, with a National Security Council spokeswoman today telling Politico that "the reports that we are halting all military assistance to Egypt are false." She added: "We will announce the... More »

US Secretly Halts Egypt Aid; Saudis Publicly Fill Void

US ally steps up as major donor of $12B package

(Newser) - Amid reports that the White House is quietly halting US military aid to Egypt—at least temporarily—Saudi Arabia is taking the bold step of announcing it will fill any financial void. Gulf countries are planning a $12 billion package for Egypt, and Saudi Arabia is the biggest donor, the... More »

'Horrific Here': Egypt Death Toll Passes 500

More protest marches planned for today

(Newser) - Egypt is bracing for yet more violence today. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for protest marches in Cairo, and hundreds already are marching in Alexandria, reports Reuters . Meanwhile, the government has raised the official death toll to 525 and the injury count to about 3,700, reports the AP , but... More »

Congress Blocks US Arms for Syrian Rebels: Report

Sources say intelligence committees are freezing funding to send weapons

(Newser) - Both House and Senate intelligence committees have voted to stop sending military aid to Syrian rebels by freezing the funding intended to ship arms, sources say. According to the Hill , the decision was made last month, amid fears that the weapons would end up in the hands of Islamist militants.... More »

US to Provide Syria Rebels With Weapons

Decision follows conclusion regime used chemical agents

(Newser) - Now that the US has determined that Bashar al-Assad's regime used chemical weapons, the Obama administration intends to help arm Syrian rebels, officials tell the New York Times . The US will send light arms and ammunition; antitank weapons are also a possibility. Rebel leaders have called for antiaircraft weapons,... More »

France Launches Mali Ground Offensive

Troops will be fighting Islamist rebels within hours, military says

(Newser) - France has launched a ground operation in Mali, and its troops should be in direct combat with radical Islamists "within hours," military officials tell the AP . The incursion began overnight, with troops pressing from the capital into rebel-held northern territory. France also announced yesterday that it was boosting... More »

US Defers $800M in Military Aid to Pakistan

Move an effort to get Pakistan to step up anti-terrorism fight

(Newser) - The United States is yanking about $800 million of its annual $2 billion in military aid to Pakistan, in an effort to force Pakistan to step up its anti-terrorism fight as relations between the two nations continue to deteriorate, reports the New York Times . Programs affected include $300 million to... More »

US Plans $2B in Military Aid to Pakistan

It will complement $7.5 billion in civilian assistance

(Newser) - The United States today laid out a five-year, $2 billion military aid package for Pakistan as it pressed the Islamabad government to step up the fight against extremists there and in neighboring Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the plan at the end of the latest round US-Pakistani strategic... More »

Haiti Relief Puts Few Dents in 'Massive' Need

Food, shelter, medicine in short supply with government invisible

(Newser) - Relief efforts in Haiti are falling far short of the need despite the best intentions of the international response to the devastating earthquake almost a month past. The nation’s government is almost absent as US soldiers struggle to deliver nothing more than rice, and no temporary shelter besides the... More »

Q&A About Haiti Quake

Questions answered, like why wasn't the Dominican Republic hit?

(Newser) - Confused about why the Haitian earthquake didn't also hit the Dominican Republic or cause a tsunami? Slate provides answers:
  • Why so much destruction? Haiti has no national building codes, and though some follow best practices, inspection is almost nonexistent.
  • Why wasn't the DR affected? It was, but most of the
... More »

George W, Bill Clinton to Lead US Aid Team

Ex-presidents will help direct 'full-court press' on Haiti

(Newser) - In addition to pledging $100 million to Haiti relief efforts, President Obama is calling in some familiar names for help. He's asked former presidents Clinton and the younger of the Bushes to lead US relief efforts, reports Politico . Clinton is currently the UN special envoy to the nation. In other... More »

No American Troops to Yemen: Petraeus, Obama

Security funding to Yemen will more than double, general says

(Newser) - The US has "no intention" of dispatching troops to Yemen or Somalia but will more than double the funding it allots for security aid in Yemen, according to the president and rthe head of Central Command. It's "quite clear that Yemen does not want to have American ground... More »

Yemen Wants Help Fighting al-Qaeda

Foreign minister estimates about 300 are in the country

(Newser) - Yemen is confident it can do away with the hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters operating within its borders, but it needs more support from the West. The call from the country’s foreign minister comes as investigators probe the link between the recent terror attempt on Northwest Flight 253 and... More »

US Secretly Speeds Pakistan Military Aid

Washington funnels helicopters, arms, technology for Taliban fight

(Newser) - The Pakistani government keeps insisting that the US has little to no role in its offensive in Taliban-controlled border regions—but out of sight, Washington has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms and equipment to the country's forces this year. President Obama himself intervened at one point... More »

US Funded Failed Attack on Ugandan Rebels

LRA escaped 'poorly planned' attack, massacred civilians

(Newser) - The US military helped fund and plan a disastrous attack on a Ugandan rebel group that resulted in reprisals against civilians, the New York Times reports. Uganda had hoped to rout the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army from the Congolese national park it was hiding in, but it failed to... More »

US Military Showing Softer Side

Greater emphasis on humanitarian operations seen by some as 'out of whack'

(Newser) - Despite recent focus on shooting wars, the Defense Department has tweaked the core mission of US armed forces to promote “soft power,” such as humanitarian aid, the Boston Globe reports. Some civilian onlookers say the foreign policy is “out of whack,” and “too dominated by... More »

US Can't Be Sure Pakistan's $5.6B Went to Fight Terror

Suspect accounting makes tracking funds nearly impossible: GAO report

(Newser) - The Defense Department cannot show that nearly $6 billion the US has sent to Pakistan since 2001 has been used, as intended, to fight terrorism. In a report yesterday, the Government Accountability Office said the Pentagon hadn’t properly tracked the funds, CNN reports, blindly signing off on questionable charges—... More »

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