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Indians Pray to the 'Visa God'

Priest uses deity to hook believers hoping to work in the West

(Newser) - Every week, 100,000 worshipers converge on a temple in Hyderabad, India, that honors a local incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. But the faithful aren’t praying for good health or fortune: They seek visas to the US and other Western countries, and the deity they’re praying to... More »

Bangladesh in Frenzied Search for Stolen Art

Priceless artifacts go missing before flight to Paris

(Newser) - Bangladesh has mounted a massive hunt for two priceless artifacts that went missing yesterday at the Dhaka airport, Reuters reports. The statues of the Hindu god Vishnu, sculpted 1,500 years ago, were on their way to an exhibition at a Paris museum. Bangladeshi authorities have detained 12 suspects and... More »

2 Stories