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Congress OKs Bill to Fix Air Travel Delays

Measure will stop furloughs of air traffic controllers

(Newser) - Congress today easily approved legislation ending furloughs of air traffic controllers that have delayed hundreds of flights daily. The House approved the measure on a 361-41 vote, one day after the Senate unanimously agreed to the bill. The measure doesn't give the FAA more money, but allows it to... More »

And the Airport Delays Begin...

Air traffic controllers, TSA workers, customs workers go on furlough

(Newser) - Here we go: Those promised airport delays , the result of furloughs caused by the sequester, have arrived. All three major NYC-area airports saw flights falling behind schedule yesterday and, as the Washington Post puts it, air traffic controllers "never caught up," with delays clocking in at between one... More »

Actually, No Delays at Airports—Yet

Airport reports contradict Janet Napolitano

(Newser) - Janet Napolitano warned travelers yesterday that the sequester is already causing long lines at airports, but the Wall Street Journal and Politico both pooh-pooh that idea today. A dozen major airports tell the Journal there were no unusual delays or lines yesterday, and Politico notes that no passenger complaints or... More »

FAA Fire, Storms Snarl Travel in Northeast

Delays, cancellations could continue through the weekend

(Newser) - Storms around the Northeast and a fire in a FAA technical center in New Jersey combined to create some brutal travel chaos yesterday, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Delta canceled 321 flights in and out of New York alone, US Airways had 46 mainline and more than 200 Express flight cancellations... More »

Escaped Monkey Causes 4-Hour Flight Delay

'Slippery little beast' eventually caught

(Newser) - Passengers on an Air China flight out of Kennedy Airport were probably perturbed at yesterday’s four-hour delay, but at least there was good reason for it: A monkey had worked its way out of its crate in the cargo hold of the Boeing 747. The Beijing-bound flight was held... More »

FAA Glitch Causes Widespread Flight Delays

(Newser) - A computer glitch in an FAA computer system caused flight delays around the country today, the Wall Street Journal reports. The situation appeared to be easing this evening as airports—Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston were hardest hit—got back on track. The snag hit one of two FAA facilities that... More »

Luggage Glitch Snarls JFK

American Airlines' computer system breaks down

(Newser) - A software glitch continues to cripple the baggage-handling system in an American Airlines terminal at JFK airport. The malfunction is giving headaches to passengers flying out of Terminal 8, one of the newer buildings at the airport. Thousands of customers had to leave their luggage behind and hope it would... More »

Record Snow Staggers Ohio

Columbus gets the brunt of it with 20 inches

(Newser) - A determined winter storm buried Ohio and beyond in snow yesterday, dumping a record 20.4 inches on Columbus and about a foot each on Cincinnati and Cleveland. Authorities closed roads as blizzard-velocity wind whipped the fallen flakes into three-foot-high drifts and reduced visibility. "It's horrible out there,"... More »

Storm Snarls NE Flights

Snow falls from Ohio to New England; icy roads kill 5 in Missouri

(Newser) - A nasty winter storm swept across the country today, forcing major flight delays at New York City airports, closing schools from Ohio to Connecticut, and causing road accidents in Missouri that left 5 dead, the AP reports. Heavy snowfall in the New York metro area grounded 900 flights and led... More »

Wild Boars Run Amok in France

One scatters shoppers, while another ties up trains

(Newser) - Shoppers weren't the only thing going hog-wild over the weekend, reports the Independent. One wild boar rampaged amid last-minute gift-buyers in a clothing store in France, while another stepped in front of a high-speed train, delaying trains for hours.  More »

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