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Here It Is: the Royal Holiday Card

William and Kate wish you a very merry Christmas

(Newser) - It's a lot easier to get your holiday cards out on time if you just tweet them out to the world at large: "Merry Christmas from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte," Kensington Palace tweeted Friday, along with a new family photo... More »

Man Sends Christmas Cards to Queen, Gets Noticed

He sent them to Elizabeth II for 60 years

(Newser) - If you're a commoner who wants to get Queen Elizabeth II's attention, apparently it is possible, but it will take decades of work. In a touching Facebook post pointed out by Mashable , Andrew Simes writes that his grandfather had always made it a point to send a Christmas... More »

Beyonce Sex Doll Sinks Ivy League Frat

UPenn's Phi Delta Theta suspended pending an investigation

(Newser) - A University of Pennsylvania fraternity has been suspended pending an investigation into a holiday card showing the mostly white group posing with what it says was a Beyonce sex doll. Phi Delta Theta's national leadership halted its Penn chapter this week amid concerns the image—criticized as racist and... More »

Thanks So Much for Your Holiday Card! It Stinks

Friends, family don't even bother to write a note: Eric Hoover

(Newser) - Notice how impersonal and self-promotional holiday cards are these days? "Today’s cards may appear more personalized—with photos of spouses, kids and pets," Eric Hoover writes at the Washington Post . Yet on the backside of each card, "I usually find no trace of ink, no original... More »

Police Chief Sends Crooks Holiday Cards

Complete with image of gun-totin' Santa in bulletproof vest

(Newser) - Criminals in a Canadian city will be receiving an unexpected Christmas card this year ... from the police chief. The card being sent out this week to "prolific offenders, property offenders, and persons known for drug and gang activity" feature the chief wearing a Santa suit (and a bulletproof vest... More »

Palin Rips Obama Family Holiday Card

What, did you expect her to like it?

(Newser) - Is someone a little put out that she didn’t get a holiday card from the first family? Sarah Palin was recently on Fox News criticizing the Obama family’s pic , noting that the card—which features Bo Obama in front of a White House fireplace—focuses on the dog... More »

Town Wants All 145K Residents in Holiday Card

Naperville, Illinois, hoping to squeeze everyone into a photo

(Newser) - The town of Naperville, Ill., has some pretty grand plans for this year's holiday card: It wants every single resident—that's 145,000 people—to appear on it. The town's mayor has invited the Chicago suburb's residents to pose for a photo next Friday at a time very convenient for... More »

Americans Send Fewer Holiday Cards

Penny-pinchers skimp on mailbox cheer

(Newser) - Noticing a certain emptiness in your mailbox? Holiday cards are the latest victims of the weak economy—Americans sent 11% fewer pieces of mail than in 2008 during the first half of December, the US Postal Service reports. Hallmark estimates that 1.8 billion holiday cards will be sent this... More »

Holiday Gifts Not to Get Your Boss

To get ahead, steer clear of religion, politics, and 'The Office'

(Newser) - A thoughtful holiday gift for your boss can smooth out your workday and even help your career. But not all gifts are created equal. David Seaman of The Street lists some to avoid:
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: A self-help or management book "implies that you don't
... More »

Happy Holidays, the Hef Way

Christmas card features twins who traded mug shots for topless pix

(Newser) - Leave it to Hugh Hefner to send out X-rated holiday cards. The Playboy founder’s greetings feature his twin "girlfriends" topless, reports Us magazine. In his signature robe, Hef is flanked by Karissa and Kristina Shannon “wearing” body-painted shirts with “Hef” emblazoned across their breasts. The pair... More »

Want Ashley's Email? Ask Marie Claire

Mag forgets to Bcc in holiday blast, exposes celeb addresses

(Newser) - Whoops! Marie Claire accidentally gave an early Christmas gift to 582 people: the email addresses of celebrities including Ashley Olsen, Tina Fey, and Lindsay Lohan, Gawker reports. The blunder occurred when the mag forgot to use the good old Bcc line on its holiday email blast. It’s the third... More »

Xmas Cards Reflect Country's Somber Mood

Glitzy cards picturing holiday excess are out; simple and traditional is in

(Newser) - Greeting card companies have noticed a big shift in what Americans want from their season’s greetings this year, the Wall Street Journal reports. As economic worries mount, glitzy holiday cards have fallen out of favor fast. Designers have made this year's cards more traditional, deepening reds and greens and... More »

Joker Sends Holiday Cards From Afterlife

88-year-old pulls one last prank on family and friends

(Newser) - Chet Fitch got the last laugh on family and friends again, this time from beyond the grave. The 88-year-old, who died in the fall, arranged to have 34 Christmas cards sent this year, all marked with a return address of Heaven. "I asked Big Guy if I could sneak... More »

E-Cards Spread Holiday Cheer, Viruses

Online greeting cards rising in popularity; paper still preferred

(Newser) - Online greeting cards are all the rage this holiday season. They're mostly free, and can feature funny, interactive subjects ranging from elf tossing to reindeer arm wrestling. E-cards are also delivered instantly, an advantage for the forgetful around Christmas. But traditional cards are still the preferred way to spread holiday... More »

PETA Card Lets You 'Give Vick a Good Shake'

Ex-quarterback gets roughed up in holiday e-card snow globe

(Newser) - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has released a series of online holiday cards that strike back at celebrities on their naughty list, including dogfighter Michael Vick. The card features the former Falcons quarterback dragging a ball and chain around a prison yard, surrounded by guards and, of course,... More »

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