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US Move Against Chinese Smartphone Maker Cripples It

A global telecom equipment-maker has halted main business operations

(Newser) - In a move that is roiling the telecom industry worldwide, a global telecom equipment-maker has halted its main business operations. The announcement comes after ZTE, China’s second-largest telecom equipment company, was found by the US to have illegally shipped its products to Iran, per Reuters . In response, the US... More »

Sprint, T-Mobile Chiefs Go at It on Twitter

A sample: 'I am so tired of your ... bullshit'

(Newser) - The claws are out in the telecom world: T-Mobile CEO John Legere—who the Wall Street Journal reports is not one to shy away from a dispute—took to Twitter this week to blast rival Sprint's new "All-In" service plan and ended up getting a rather feisty reply... More »

FCC Launches Internet Speed Test Tool

Move comes ahead of 10-year plan to push broadband

(Newser) - The FCC is about to unveil a 10-year plan to make high-speed Internet a reality in all parts of the US, reports the New York Times . As part of its push, the agency has set up a way for consumers to test the speed of their Internet connection through this... More »

UK Network: Dropped Calls? Blame iPhone

O2 follows suit after AT&T accuses gadget of data gluttony

(Newser) - Slammed for poor signal and dropped calls, AT&T has blamed its troubles in part on the iPhone’s heavy data usage—and now UK provider O2 is also pointing a finger at the gadget, PC World reports. O2 users have been plagued by similar problems, and “where we... More »

Justice Dept. to Launch Antitrust Review of Telecoms

(Newser) - The Obama administration is looking into the country’s top telecom companies, including AT&T and Verizon, to determine whether they’ve abused their market power with anti-competitive actions, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The Justice Department is concerned that, among other things, the big players are locking out... More »

AT&T Rolls Out $50 Mini-Laptops

For customers who sign up for a combined home-and-mobile broadband plan

(Newser) - AT&T is trying out a program that would make buying a laptop a bit like buying a cellphone. Walk into one of its Atlanta or Philadelphia retail outlets, and you’ll soon be able to nab a “mini-laptop” (or netbook, as the rest of the world calls them)... More »

Comcast Web Caps May Signal End of an Era

Though limits affect only 1% now, high-def video will change that

(Newser) - With Comcast setting a limit on Internet usage beginning next month, the end of the Internet as we know it may be at hand, as ISPs move toward usage-based models like public utilities. Comcast, the second-largest US Internet provider, was careful to say that the bandwidth limit is so high—... More »

ISPs Should Stay With Flat-Rate Pricing

Analyst argues metered service will halt innovation and stunt growth

(Newser) - Cable companies are wooing Wall Street by saying they’ll offset expensive implementation of a new, high-speed software protocol by metering broadband Internet access. Bad move, Om Malik writes on GigaOm. Flat-rate high-speed access has enabled recent revolutionary innovation in the telecom business, which led to almost 70 million broadband... More »

France Telecom Offers $42B for TeliaSonera

French telco looks to expand into Turkey and Russia

(Newser) - France Telecom’s long-anticipated takeover bid of Swedish telco TeliaSonera finally landed today—with a thud. TeliaSonera immediately rejected FT’s $42 billion cash-and-stock offering—worth some $10.33 per share—as too low, reports the New York Times. Investors appeared to disagree, pushing France Telecom stock down 4% in... More »

New Vodafone CEO Has Tough Calls Ahead

Verizon partnership, growth will be at the top of Colao's to-do list

(Newser) - A slowing global economy and continued investor unease over Vodafone’s 45% stake in Verizon Wireless will likely provide a turbulent welcome for new CEO Vittorio Colao when he takes the reins of the wireless provider in July, the Wall Street Journal reports. Colao will succeed Arun Sarin, who's set... More »

Sprint in Talks to Sell Struggling Nextel Unit

Wireless carrier reportedly ready to give up on troubled acquisition

(Newser) - Sprint is considering selling or spinning off its Nextel division, signaling the end of a troubled, disappointing merger, the Wall Street Journal reports. Talks are already under way with Nextel founder Morgan O'Brien, who would integrate the unit into his new wireless public-safety network, and other prospective buyers, including private-equity... More »

Wireless Drives AT&T Growth

Company posts 22% increase in net income for Q1 despite dip in landline earnings

(Newser) - AT&T posted a 22% increase in net income during the first quarter, thanks to strong growth in its wireless unit. Its wireless earnings nearly doubled, while landline earnings dropped 2.1%. The company’s net income was $3.46 billion (57 cents a share), compared to $2.85 billion... More »

Congress Looks Into FBI's Telecom Spying

Pipeline for intercepted data raises red flags

(Newser) - Congressional Democrats are questioning the cozy relationship between the FBI and telecom companies, the Washington Post reports. Thanks to a 1994 law, all telecom firms have “Quantico circuits”—little-known electronic lines straight to the FBI technology office in Virginia. Telecom technicians can instantly send data over those lines,... More »

Deutsche Telekom to Buy Greek Stake

Deal for 20% of Greek phone co. conditional on management control

(Newser) - Deutsche Telekom plans to buy a 20% stake in Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) of Greece, for $3.92 billion. The deal is conditional on the German carrier getting management control, and the company will open talks immediately with the Greek government, the only larger shareholder. The OTE stake will let... More »

Liberty Looks to Leverage DirecTV Deal

In for a tough battle with better positioned telcos, cable companies

(Newser) - Closing Liberty Media’s $12 billion deal for a 41% share of DirecTV took more than a year, but positioning the satellite-TV service to rival telcos and cable companies offering triple-play packages of TV, phone, and broadband could be a bigger test, reports the Wall Street Journal today. The deal... More »

T-Mobile Launching Net Phone Price War

New plan follows hard on news of wireless price war

(Newser) - T-Mobile is giving an extra push to the millions contemplating ditching their landlines. The low-cost wireless carrier is launching a new dirt-cheap VoIP service, which lets T-Mobile customers hook up traditional phones to an Internet router and make unlimited local and long distance calls for $10 a month, the Wall ... More »

McCain Denies Lobbyist Scandal, Attacks Times

Candidate slams article, 'smear campaign'

(Newser) - John McCain’s camp came out swinging at the New York Times last night, calling a “hit and run smear campaign” a report alleging that the senator had been involved in an improper and possibly romantic relationship with lobbyist Vicki Iseman eight years ago. “The New York Times... More »

'Kosher' Phones Block Porn

Rabbis sign off on no-call list in Israel

(Newser) - Israel’s top phone company is betting that its most orthodox customers need less temptation in their lives. Bezeq Israel Telecom launched a “kosher” phone service yesterday that will block calls to and from “improper” numbers, such as porn lines. In true kosher fashion, Israel’s top rabbis... More »

Porn Moves Toward Bold, Tiny New Era

Adult entertainment, already huge overseas, aims for US cellphones

(Newser) - Porn is setting its sights on the small screen—the really small screen. As both mobile phone screens and internet capabilities expand, pornographers see American opportunity in a trend that's already sweeping Europe, Reuters reports. “It will be impossible to stop the adult business exploitation of mobile entertainment,”... More »

Sprint Plans Major Asset Write-Off

So much for goodwill: $31B in losses pegged to Nextel merger

(Newser) - Sprint Nextel says it may write off up to $31 billion related to the merger that created the combined company. The move comes just after a regime change at the company, which has struggled since the 2005 merger, and lost about 1 million customers last year. The write-off, accounting for... More »

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