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New Perfume: Smell Like ... Your Favorite City?

Paris, New York, Tokyo, and more ... for $45

(Newser) - A new fragrance swears it offers the distinct aroma of your favorite city. Spray it on, and you'll smell of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Miami, or 15 other metropolises. The bottles of the perfume, called Scent of Departure, are going for $45 at airport shops, reports MSNBC , with each... More »

Smell Like a Million Bucks: DKNY Sells $1M Perfume

DKNY teams with jewelry designer for luxe bottle

(Newser) - How much do you normally smell like? Would you rather smell like a million bucks? Now it's possible. DKNY has unveiled a $1 million bottle of Golden Delicious perfume. It helps that the container is molded from 14-karat yellow and white gold and adorned with 2,700 white diamonds,... More »

Boom in Skin Care Sales Signals Economic Rebound

This from today's 'bizarre correlations' department

(Newser) - Turns out skin care is an economic bellwether—so you should be happy to hear that sales are picking up. Women were slow to skimp on, say, moisturizer even as sales of makeup and perfume declined, but in 2009 skin care sales finally fell by 4%, according to new research.... More »

Abercrombie Sues Beyoncé Over Fierce Fragrance

Retailer says it's already trademarked the name

(Newser) - Abercrombie & Fitch has filed a lawsuit against Beyoncé in a tussle over her new fragrance, named for alter ego Sasha Fierce, Women's Wear Daily reports. A&F says it has owned the Fierce trademark since 2003, and that her plan "poses a likelihood of confusion" in the big-bucks... More »

Opera Sounds Good, But How Does It Smell?

New work opening at Guggenheim blasts 23 scents at audience

(Newser) - A new opera premiering at the Guggenheim Museum in New York later this month will be a feast for the ears, the eyes—and the nose. Green Aria, a 30-minute "scent opera" years in the making, pairs music with 23 distinct odors blasted at the audience via individual... More »

NY Maple Aroma Mystery Solved

NJ fragrance factory source of mysterious smell

(Newser) - The maple syrup-like smell that pervaded Manhattan at certain times in recent years, puzzling residents and government officials, came from a New Jersey factory, the New York Post reports. After a lengthy investigation, city officials today revealed that the aroma originated at the Frutarom fragrance factory, which produces ester, a... More »

Diddy Hits Big With 'Lickable' Scent

New I Am King scent is both fruity and masculine

(Newser) - Sean Combs, the rap mogul of countless other stage names, had one request when developing his fashion line's new men's scent: "When I wear this perfume, I want to be lickable." The resulting fragrance, I Am King, has fruity notes uncommon in men's fragrance. And it does indeed... More »

Companies Spice Up the Smell Of Clean

Moroccan bazaar scent says you tidied up ... even if you barely did

(Newser) - Makers of household products are constantly working to redefine the smell of clean, the Wall Street Journal reports, even as Americans are spending 40% less time actually tidying up than they did 40 years ago. One of the newest is Procter & Gamble’s Moroccan Bazaar, a ginger-edged scent for... More »

PETA Flays Burger King With Parody Perfume

Parody perfume launched to douse 'Flame'

(Newser) - If PETA had its way, right away, burger joints would close their doors forever, but the never-warm-and-fuzzy relationship reached a flashpoint last week when Burger King launched a meat-scented cologne called Flame. Now PETA is adding fuel to the fire with a parody fragrance called "Gore by Murder King,... More »

Chemists Sniff Out Household Stinks

Smell squad recreates odors to wipe them out

(Newser) - Chemists are trying to replicate the odors of stale smoke and rotting garbage in a quest to make America a better-smelling place, the Wall Street Journal reports. A specialist squad working for the International Flavors and Fragrances company captures common bad household smells, brings them back to the lab, and... More »

A Scrappy Scent Success Story

Chicago woman follows her nose to hit perfume based on memories of grandma

(Newser) - New fragrances are typically carefully managed, big-budget affairs. But 32-year-old Jessica Dunne has created old-fashioned hit perfumes with old-fashioned determination and hard work, the New York Times reports. A smart call to an iconic New York perfume shop, $100,000 of her savings, and a little help from friends helped... More »

Fragrances Going the Way of the Cigarette

Women buying less perfume; some public spaces prohibit scents

(Newser) - Personal fragrances aren't smelling so sweet for US consumers, the New York Times reports: Though perfume varieties have increased, the number of women wearing them is decreasing. Though 85% of women still apply a scent, the ranks of the fragrant thinned by 2 million between 2003 and 2007. The drop,... More »

Designer Perfume Profits Give Off Whiff of Decay

Expensive luxury fragrances wooing less and less consumers

(Newser) - Perfume makers keep flooding the market with designer brands, but consumers appear to have had their fill. Global revenue from high-end perfumes—those $100 and up—increased only 3% to $18 billion in 2006 and is expected to slow even more this year, reports the Wall Street Journal. That's while... More »

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