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Web 2.0 Firms Taking Slower Route to IPOs

The new business model calls for a 'slow and easy' approach to going public

(Newser) - Growing Web 2.0 companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slide are biding their time before going public, making sure to run up their value as much as possible to fetch top dollar with an IPO, reports Business Week. It’s a far different approach than companies took before the dot-com... More »

Top 10 Startups to Watch In 2008

From a DNA decoder to mini-Googles

(Newser) - A web startup that checks your DNA for predisposition to a spectrum of disease - and finds you a date (23andMe); a GPS system that can thread its way around traffic (Dash);  A P2P download service that may revolutionize online video (BitTorrent); social networking designed for the workplace (LinkedIn);... More »

2 Stories