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Woman Pulls a Mike Tyson on Hubby Over a Beer: Cops

Police found part of Minnesota man's bloody ear on the floor

(Newser) - Those darn hairy buffalo drinks will do it every time. That's what a Minnesota man claims his wife imbibed before she went over the edge during a domestic quarrel that resulted in part of his ear getting bit off—all because of a fight over a beer, the St.... More »

Boys, 7, Suspended for Pretending Pencils Are Guns

School says it's not okay with even play violence

(Newser) - What's the dumbest thing you ever got in trouble for in school? Because two Virginia second-graders probably have you beat. The two 7-year-olds were suspended for two days for pretending their pencils were guns in a game of make-believe, CBS DC reports. "When I asked him about it,... More »

Let's Stop Overprotecting Our Kids

America overreacts to silly threats: Lenore Skenazy

(Newser) - Remember earlier this year when Applebee's accidentally served alcohol to a toddler ? Lenore Skenazy does, along with what she sees as the ridiculous overreaction of both the national media and the restaurant chain. It was "as if serving toddlers stiff drinks had been company-wide policy," she... More »

3 Stories