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America's 75 Worst Commutes

How does your 'highway to hell' rank?

(Newser) - We all know LA has a traffic problem, but Honolulu? It's No. 2 in the nation, finds the Daily Beast , which crunched the numbers to rank America's 75 worst commutes. Some of the highlights:
  • No. 3, Capital Beltway, Washington, DC: This slow moving route totals an average of 194 hours
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Britain to Test Car Satellite Toll

Controversial plan will charge up to $2.40 per mile for British autos

(Newser) - Britain plans to test a toll system that tracks drivers by satellite and charges them by the mile, the Daily Telegraph reports. Dubbed "spy in the sky," the controversial plan was floated by the Labour government and was considered dead under PM Gordon Brown. "It seems that... More »

Car Sharing Rides $4 Gas to Increased Popularity

Zipcar catches on nationwide

(Newser) - With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, car sharing as an alternative to car ownership is finally gaining traction, reports Newsweek. Started 8 years ago, the best-known car-sharing company, Zipcar, rents communal vehicles by the hour or day. Both cost-efficient and eco-friendly, the company charges members about $10 an... More »

It's the End of the World as We Know It—and He Feels Fine

Gas prices closing the open frontier, finally

(Newser) - The soaring cost of travel is forcing a fundamental change in the identity of America, writes Bill McKibben in the Washington Post: "The frontier of endless mobility that we've known our entire lives is closing." And that's not necessarily a bad thing, because sprawl has "eroded our... More »

Oops! She Hit it Again: Britney Drives Over 3rd Foot in a Month

Paparazzo is pop star's latest rollover victim

(Newser) - Britney Spears caught another photographer flat-footed last night, the Los Angeles Times reports, driving over a paparazzo's paw as she left a Beverly Hills hotel. It's the third such incident in the past month—another photographer and a sheriff's deputy were previous victims—and the LAPD has told Spears she... More »

China's Drivers Steer Clear of Tolls

Thrifty motorists resort to detours, deception to get around steep fees

(Newser) - Tolls are literally taking a toll in China, where thrifty motorists try to steer around the tollbooths cropping up on the country's highways. An infrastructure boom has created 40,000 kilometers of new toll roads since 1990, and drivers are doing anything—from faking toll-exempt plates to making long detours... More »

Miami Tops Road Rage Rankings

Watch out for hostile drivers in New York, Boston, and LA, too

(Newser) - Miami has retained its title as the capital of road rage for the second year running, taking top honors in a national survey for brake-slamming, running red lights, and talking on cellphones. Motorists in Portland, Ore., report the least tailgating; if you do get too close, do it in St.... More »

N.J. Governor Injured in Car Crash

Corzine in critical condition; doctors say he's "lucky to be alive"

(Newser) - New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was critically injured last night after a pickup truck struck his motorcade. "He's in serious shape, but he's alive and going to survive," says state senate president Richard Codey, acting governor until Corzine can resume his duties—which could be weeks. Cops are... More »

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