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Miley Cyrus: I'm a Stoner

No, wait, it's just a joke, says pal Kelly Osbourne

(Newser) - Goodbye innocence: The once-wholesome image of Miley Cyrus and alter ego Hannah Montana has apparently gone up in smoke. Cyrus is a "stoner," she quipped at her 19th birthday party after pals presented her with a Bob Marley cake. "You know you're a stoner when your... More »

Connecticut Cracks Down on 'Fake Pot'

Twin bills cause confusion

(Newser) - Connecticut might've decriminalized marijuana, but it's going to criminalize fake pot: A bill passed this week would classify synthetic marijuana and the herb Salvia diviorum as a controlled substance that is illegal to possess. Synthetic products could be legally sold in stores until the federal government reclassified... More »

Billy Ray Cyrus 'So Sad' After Miley's (Legal) Bong Hit

She's caught indulging in the herb salvia at party

(Newser) - Oh that Miley. It seems she's forever finding troublesome new ways to get into the press, and her latest escapade was filmed during a November 28th party at her LA home. In the footage believed to be stolen or copied from a friend and posted on TMZ , she is seen... More »

YouTrip: Salvia Is Web 2.0's Favorite Hallucinogen

Drug gains popularity through YouTube

(Newser) - Salvia, the highly hallucinogenic herb still legal in most states, may have been discovered by ancient Mazatec shamans, but its current popularity is due to something rather more modern: YouTube. The Daily Telegraph reports that widely viewed videos of people on salvia trips have fueled the drug’s spread. “... More »

Ill. Bans Natural Hallucinogen

Defenders tout controversial herbal remedy's benefits as law closes in

(Newser) - An impending ban on a hallucinogenic plant used in religious ceremonies by Mazatec Indians in Mexico has defenders of the herb objecting to the fact that it's about to be illegal in Illinois. Possessing salvia divinorum will be a felony beginning Tuesday. Defenders of the herb insist it offers beneficial... More »

5 Stories