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Hipsters Are Healing Their Souls With 'Grandmother' Drug

Amazon's ayahuasca is said to offer therapeutic benefits—though not without a cost

(Newser) - A psychedelic concoction known as yage, or ayahuasca, has been brewed in indigenous communities in the Amazon region for centuries. But now it's found a relatively new audience: Americans immersed in what Ariel Levy, writing for the New Yorker , calls "the Age of Kale," who are tapping... More »

TV Crew Spots Hallucinogenic at Queen's Palace

But 'magic' mushroom likely grew on its own, expert says

(Newser) - "Care for a mushroom, your highness?" Queen Elizabeth II may well decline after a television crew discovered a so-called "magic" mushroom in her palace gardens. "I won’t be eating any of that," said celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh upon noticing Amanita muscaria, a toadstool with red... More »

Fighter Rips Heart Out of 'Possessed' Friend's Chest

Says he feared devil was in his training partner

(Newser) - Mixed martial arts fighter Jarrod Wyatt has been arraigned on first degree murder and torture charges after allegedly ripping his training partner's heart out of his chest while he was still alive and ripping off much of his face. Wyatt, 26, told police that he had recently ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms,... More »

Docs Look Again to Turning On for Cures

Hallucinogens may help depression, cancer patients

(Newser) - Scientists and physicians are looking again at various hallucinogens for aiding people suffering from mental illness and other problems. After a '60s backlash against the drugs, researchers are delving into their possible benefits. One retired clinical psychologist attributes his 6-hour trip on psilocybin in a Johns Hopkins lab to curing... More »

Cavemen Were Stoners

They rocked in stone-age in 'religious trances'

(Newser) - Prehistoric man apparently liked to get stoned in the Stone Age, scientists have discovered. Researchers found paraphernalia on a Caribbean island used to prepare hallucinogenic drugs for sniffing, dating back to prehistoric high times, reports the Telegraph. Experts believe the ceramic bowls and tubers were used to inhale cohoba, used... More »

Hallucinogenic Plant's High May Knock Medical Use Down

States try to crack down on promising herb

(Newser) - A hallucinogenic herb pharmacologists believe holds great promise for pain relief and mental health treatment is facing tough restrictions thanks to thrill-seekers, the New York Times reports. Users of the highly potent psychedelic Salvia divinorum—dubbed "Magic Mint" by users—have been posting videos of their trips on YouTube,... More »

Ill. Bans Natural Hallucinogen

Defenders tout controversial herbal remedy's benefits as law closes in

(Newser) - An impending ban on a hallucinogenic plant used in religious ceremonies by Mazatec Indians in Mexico has defenders of the herb objecting to the fact that it's about to be illegal in Illinois. Possessing salvia divinorum will be a felony beginning Tuesday. Defenders of the herb insist it offers beneficial... More »

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