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Gay Couple Sentenced to 85 Lashes

'The prosecution is very harsh. The verdict is harsher'

(Newser) - An Islamic Shariah court in Indonesia's conservative Aceh province has sentenced two gay men to public caning for the first time, further undermining the country's moderate image after a top Christian politician was imprisoned for blasphemy . The court, whose sentencing Wednesday coincided with International Day Against Homophobia and... More »

Tsunami-Hit Nations Mark 10th Anniversary

Ceremonies pay tribute to more than 225K dead

(Newser) - A decade after one of history's worst natural disasters killed more than 225,000 people in 14 countries, memorial ceremonies for Indian Ocean tsunami victims are being held across the region.
  • In Indonesia, the worst-hit country with more than 170,000 deaths—126,000 of them in Aceh province
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Indonesia Quakes' Toll: 5

Disaster officials relieved no tsunami struck

(Newser) - Indonesian disaster officials are relieved that more did not die in yesterday's two big earthquakes , which did not trigger a tsunami. The five deaths are being blamed on heart attacks and shock, the BBC reports, and only a handful of people were hurt. After an earthquake in the same... More »

After Indonesia's 8.6 Quake, an 8.2 Aftershock

Eerie echoes of quake that sparked 2004 Aceh tsunami horror

(Newser) - Indonesia has responded to a powerful 8.6-magnitude earthquake that struck beneath the ocean floor off the westernmost province of Aceh by issuing a tsunami warning for the entire Indian Ocean. And while it ultimately spawned a wave just 30 inches high that caused no serious damage, there's no... More »

Indonesia Cops Hunt Down Women in Jeans

Police stop 18 women, confiscate pants

(Newser) - Religious police in Indonesia are cracking down on denim. During a raid yesterday,18 women caught riding motorbikes wearing headscarves and jeans were taken into custody and given long skirts to wear. Police also confiscated their pants. "I am not wearing sexy outfits, but they caught me like a... More »

Indonesia Rescues 200 Boat People Thais 'Left to Die'

Refugees say Thai military towed them to sea, set them adrift

(Newser) - The Indonesian navy has rescued 200 more Burmese refugees who say the Thai military abandoned them to die at sea three weeks ago, the Daily Telegraph reports. The refugees, from Burma's persecuted Muslim Rohingya minority, say their motorless wooden boat was part of a flotilla of nine, containing more than... More »

Kosovo Mediator Wins Nobel

Former Finnish president has supervised peace talks for decades

(Newser) - This year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Martti Ahtisaari, the former president of Finland who mediated peace talks in Indonesia and Kosovo. Ahtisaari has also mediated conflicts in Namibia, Northern Ireland, and Iraq, often working on behalf of the United Nations. In its citation the Norwegian committee praised his... More »

Tsunami Survivors Look Ahead

Officials concerned about post-aid economy, beefing up warning systems

(Newser) - As candles are lit today in memory of the 230,000 victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the Christian Science Monitor reports on the results of the $13.6 billion effort to help survivors. The aid has largely been used effectively, but now officials worry about the recovering economies... More »

Tsunami Province Returns to Life

Community rebounds three years after disaster

(Newser) - Three years after it was hit by a devastating tsumani, Aceh is slowly returning to normal, Time reports. The disaster killed more than 160,000 people in the Sumatran province and wiped out much of its infrastructure. In the years since, aid from all over the world has helped Aceh's... More »

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