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Famous Singer Sentenced to Jail for Insulting River

2nd Egyptian singer sentenced to jail time over a music video

(Newser) - To ancient Egyptians, the Nile River was the lifeblood of civilization. It's apparently no less dear to modern Egyptians, as a well-known pop singer has learned the hard way. Sherine Abdel-Wahab—described by the BBC as one of Egypt's most famous singers and a judge on the Arabic... More »

Egypt: 'We Will Die' if New Dam Dries Nile Water

Ethiopian hydropower dam gets Egypt's back up

(Newser) - Egypt is none too pleased about Ethiopia's massive dam project on the River Nile, the BBC reports. The dam will be Africa's biggest hydropower dam when it's completed in a few years. But Egypt relies almost completely on the Nile for water and says the dam threatens... More »

Egypt Bus Slides Off Ferry Into Nile; 17 Dead

10 people rescued, but others are missing

(Newser) - An Egyptian security official says a bus fell off a ferry into the Nile River and that at least 17 people drowned in the accident. The official says the minibus was packed with 32 passengers, mostly mourners heading to a funeral across the river, when the accident took place early... More »

Teacher Dies Saving Bride on Nile Honeymoon

Selfless British man saves 3 as storm sinks boat

(Newser) - A British teacher died saving his bride when a storm capsized their boat during a honeymoon cruise on the Nile. Luke Day, 31, opened a hatch and pushed his wife and two other tourists from the wooden sailing boat as waves swamped it in the middle of the night. He... More »

DC Zoo Evicting Hippo

'Happy' must move to make place for elephants

(Newser) - The National Zoo is adding a new elephant sanctuary, reports the Washington Post, and the move is putting its sole Nile hippopotamus, Happy, out on the street in a year or so. The zoo will hold onto its pygmy hippos, but is more committed to Asian elephant programs. "You... More »

Sarko, New Squeeze Hit Egypt

French prez, Italian honey arrive on billionaire's jet, paparazzi in tow

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy has flown to Egypt, where the French president will meet with his counterpart Hosni Mubarak after spending a few days on the Nile with new girlfriend Carla Bruni. Paparazzi staked out the airport before the arrival of the divorcé and the supermodel-turned-singer, who flew in on a private... More »

6 Stories