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Harvard Agrees to Revise Its Sexual Assault Policy

Some Harvard Law profs warn new policy lacks fairness, due process

(Newser) - Harvard Law reached a settlement yesterday with the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights, in which it agreed to update its sexual harassment policy to change how it responds to sexual assault cases. The update, however, is likely to make the law school's approach more similar to the... More »

Campus Vigilante Posting Names of Columbia 'Rapists'

School keeps scrubbing the lists from bathrooms

(Newser) - There's at least one graffiti vigilante on the loose at Columbia University. Over the past week, lists have been appearing in bathrooms across the school's campus, with titles like "Rapists on Campus" and "Sexual Assault Violators on Campus," according to student media reports. The first... More »

Boulder Students Can Pack Pistols This Term

Officials worried after court nixes campus gun ban

(Newser) - Students arriving for classes at the University of Colorado in Boulder this term could be packing more than pencils and books. Due to a state Supreme Court decision, students can now bring their guns to school. The court ruled that the university's ban on guns was unconstitutional. Weapons must... More »

Duke Frat Under Fire for 'Slut' Emails

Come as a 'total slut,' says Sigma Nu's party invitation

(Newser) - Just weeks after a crude Yale frat chant landed the Ivy in hot water, a series of fraternity emails calling female students sluts is sparking a campus gender war at Duke University. The emails, sent by Sigma Nu, invited women to attend the frat's Halloween party dressed up as a... More »

Students Fight University for Right to Pack Guns

Gun groups back Colorado activists battling firearm ban

(Newser) - A Colorado State University campus determined to stop shooting rampages by banning guns is meeting angry opposition from students who are determined to protect their right to pack firearms. Many claim that armed citizens are the best hope of stopping violence, according to T-shirts sprouting on the Fort Collins campus.... More »

Strapped Campuses Grumble About Presidents' Mansions

(Newser) - An opulent, rent-free mansion complete with staff is one of the perks of the job for many university presidents but the luxury is beginning to grate on financially strapped campuses, the Boston Globe reports. A chorus of complaints can be heard on campuses hit by layoffs, and universities like Harvard... More »

Undead Take Over College Campuses

'Humans vs. Zombies' role-play lets students 'act like kids again'

(Newser) - Zombies are a growing scourge on college campuses, but fear not: They can be stopped with Nerf guns, pool noodles, or rolled-up socks. The game Humans vs. Zombies—“tag” for the 21st century—began at a college near Baltimore and has spread to some 50 campuses. “It really... More »

Book Missing Since Civil War Returned to Virginia School

(Newser) - A Virginia college has a missing library book back—145 years after a Union soldier stole it during the Civil War. An Illinois man who inherited the book from friends tracked down the original owner and returned it to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, reports the Washington Post. The... More »

The Twilight of Students' Radical Reading

What happened to Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg?

(Newser) - A few decades ago, college kids turned to radicals to satisfy their literary thirst, but on today’s campuses, “you're more likely to hear a werewolf howl than Allen Ginsberg,” writes Ron Charles in the Washington Post. Other than Barack Obama’s tomes, the bestselling books among college... More »

Want to Get Into College? Try These Student Tips

College freshmen share their lessons about admissions success

(Newser) - Applications continue to flood into top US colleges despite the economic slowdown. With admissions as competitive as ever, the Wall Street Journal talks to six people who know—college freshmen—and asks for their advice:
  • Don't let naysayers deter you from your dream school: "It pays off to keep
... More »

Debate Allows Host Ole Miss to Show Progress on Race

Great strides since deadly '60s riots, but students say university remains divided

(Newser) - Assuming the presidential debate happens tomorrow, host University of Mississippi gets to show the nation it’s moved beyond its racially tinged past, the Los Angeles Times reports. The school, known for deadly riots when the first black student enrolled in the 1960s and controversy over Confederate flags at football... More »

College Peddles Bike Program to Go Green

Wis. school offers freshmen free cycles for no-car pledge

(Newser) - Incoming freshmen are jumping on a Wisconsin college’s offer of a brand-new bike in return for leaving their cars at home, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Ripon College aims to save parking spots, and perhaps the planet, with its Velorution Project. The initiative, one newly minted student cyclist says,... More »

Harvard Probes Racism Charges Against Its Cops

Blacks say they're targeted by security

(Newser) - Harvard University is reviewing its security procedures after black students and professors charged that they're being unfairly targeted, the Boston Globe reports. A six-member committee will review the campus force following a number of incidents, including one in which a black professor was stopped when he was mistaken for a... More »

Campuses Shift to Middle as 'Radical Profs' Retire

Liberal legacy waning with new generation

(Newser) - University campuses all over the country are becoming less passionate and more businesslike as liberal '60s professors retire, the New York Times reports. The process is expected to accelerate over the next decade as Baby Boomers hired in the great '70s expansion of  higher education move on, to be replaced... More »

U. Washington Students Push for Bruce Lee Memorial

School balking over statue of ex-student

(Newser) - University of Washington students are petitioning for the right to build a statue of Bruce Lee, the film icon who studied at the university for three years and offered martial arts classes at the student union. Students argue the statue would be step toward better artistic representation of the school's... More »

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