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How Two $1.69 Bottles of OJ Cost Dollar General $277K

Diabetic employee drank a juice, paid for it, told her bosses, was fired for 'grazing'

(Newser) - Two bottles of OJ that retailed for $1.69 at Dollar General will end up costing the chain more than a quarter of a million dollars. That after a diabetic former employee won a lawsuit connected to the juice. Linda Atkins was working at a Maryville, Tenn., location in the... More »

Army Anti-Harassment Honcho Busted for Stalking

Darin Haas led program at Fort Campbell

(Newser) - And Lt. Col. Darin Haas makes three . Haas ran a program to fight sex harassment at Fort Campbell in Kentucky—until he was arrested in a domestic dispute. Haas, who turned himself in in Tennessee, faces charges of stalking and violating an order of protection, the AP reports. He's... More »

Discrimination Agency Accused of Discrimination

Former EEOC employee with disabilities is suing

(Newser) - You'd think that if you worked for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you wouldn't need to worry about discrimination in the workplace. But a revived lawsuit claims that the organization, which enforces federal employment discrimination laws, violated the Rehabilitation Act in its treatment of Mary Bullock, a former... More »

States Seek to Restrict Employer Credit Checks

Lawmakers want employers to prove credit reports are necessary

(Newser) - Several states and Obama administration officials are seeking restrictions on employers that unfairly screen out job applicants using credit checks, USA Today reports. Spiking unemployment and mortgage foreclosures brought on by the financial crisis have hurt many, and lawmakers say trustworthy people are being shut out of good jobs. Some... More »

Equal Pay Is Obama's Women Card

Dem plays to economic issues, away from polarizing abortion

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn't talking about Roe v. Wade much before female audiences these days, Politico reports, focusing rather on a case seen to have undermined women's rights to equal pay. In highlighting Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tires rather than abortion, the Democrat is tapping into economic concerns while steering clear of... More »

5 Stories