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'Scarface' Mobster Nailed on Facebook

Italian cops nabbed thug while he was chatting online

(Newser) - Pasquale Manfredi is a "cold and cruel" assassin but he has a soft spot for Facebook that proved to be his undoing, according to Italian police. Manfredi—nicknamed "Scarface"—was tracked down through an Internet key to access the site. He was chatting on Facebook when cops... More »

Informant: Italian Mafia Sank Ship Carrying Nuke Waste

Authorities have pinpointed ship, but haven't confirmed contents

(Newser) - Italian authorities are investigating an informant’s claim that the mafia sank a ship containing nuclear waste off the country’s southwest coast, the BBC reports. Underwater cameras show the ship intact, with barrels nearby marked as containing toxic contents; the informant says that organized crime has gotten into the... More »

Italian Syndicate Quietly Rules Europe's Cocaine Trade

US market tumbles as mobsters flourish

(Newser) - Europe is gaining a foothold in the world’s cocaine trade, elbowing out the US as the largest market thanks to the bravado of one Italian crime syndicate. The ‘Ndrangheta mafia, based in the hills of southern Italy, has won prominence by dealing directly with Colombian kingpins and shunning... More »

3 Stories