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Robin Wright Finally Speaks on Spacey: 'I Didn't Know the Man'

'House of Cards' actress says Spacey was 'great' to her, but that they 'never socialized' outside work

(Newser) - What did Robin Wright know about the alleged dark side of House of Cards co-star Kevin Spacey? Not much, per the actress' interview with Savannah Guthrie on the Today show. "We were co-workers, really," Wright said in a clip that aired Monday morning. She noted they had a... More »

Netflix Decides What to Do With House of Cards

Production will resume in 2018, minus Kevin Spacey

(Newser) - The uncertain fate of Netflix's House of Cards is now a certain one: Production on the sixth season, which was put on ice at the end of October following a slew of sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey , will resume after the holidays. It will be the show's... More »

Robin Wright Threatened Her Way to Equal Pay on House of Cards

'You better pay me'

(Newser) - In a bit of scheming that would do Claire Underwood proud, Robin Wright says she threatened her way into getting equal pay on House of Cards, Sky News reports. After seeing data that Claire was at points more popular than fictional husband Frank Underwood, she decided it was time she... More »

Robin Wright Gets 'Un-Ladylike'

Dishes on Ben Foster, Sean Penn in new interview

(Newser) - Robin Wright gets pretty candid about her relationship with Ben Foster in the new issue of Vanity Fair : "Perhaps it's not ladylike [to say], but I've never laughed more, read more, or come more than with Ben," the April cover star says. Wright says Foster (to... More »

Critics Decry New House of Cards

One writer notes, in particular, its terrible depiction of DC

(Newser) - Let's just say critics are not in love with the third season of House of Cards. In a Washington Post column, Seth Masket calls the Netflix series "the worst show about American politics. Ever." He explains that many of the "lessons" the show teaches viewers are... More »

7 Cursed Oscar Couples

They broke up within a year of an Academy Award win

(Newser) - Winning an Oscar is great ... but for these couples, rounded up by People , it was followed by the demise of their relationship less than a year later:
  • George Clooney and Stacy Keibler: As a co-producer of Argo, Clooney won Best Picture last year—five months later, he and Keibler broke
... More »

Here Are Your Golden Globes Winners

Big winners: American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Breaking Bad

(Newser) - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler opened the Golden Globes tonight , and then it was on to the awards:
  • Best supporting actress in a motion picture: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
  • Best supporting actress in a TV series, miniseries, or movie: Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge
  • Best TV miniseries or movie:
... More »

Robin Wright Engaged

And Sean Penn is stepping out with Charlize Theron

(Newser) - Robin Wright is having a good run of late: The 47-year-old actress is up for a Golden Globe tonight for her role on House of Cards, and as E! reports, she's rocking a little extra bling in the way of an engagement ring courtesy of beau and fellow actor... More »

10 Celebrity Couples You Never Knew About

Really? Charlie Sheen dated Robin Wright?

(Newser) - "Really? They were together?" That'll probably be your reaction to these celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline . A sampling:
  • Not only did Charlie Sheen date Winona Ryder, he says he picked her stage name. She was born Winona Horowitz, but while listening to "Riders on the Storm"
... More »

Penn: Robin Is 'a Ghost to Me'

Actor opens up about his work in Haiti

(Newser) - For the past five months—with only brief breaks for fundraising, testifying on Capitol Hill, and of course attending the Oscars—Sean Penn has lived in a tent camp in Haiti. Douglas Brinkley, who volunteered with Penn in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, talks to him about his experience for... More »

Sean Penn Wishes 'Rectal Cancer' on His Detractors

Actor not pleased with critics of his Haiti relief efforts

(Newser) - Don’t get on Sean Penn’s bad side, or he might wish a very unpleasant death upon you. The actor responded to detractors who say his relief work in Haiti is just his attempt to take attention away from his divorce with the usual grace, the New York Daily ... More »

And the Alternative Oscar Goes to...

The best of the stuff Oscar overlooked this year

(Newser) - Julia and Julia may be an Oscar fave, but the folks at Esquire think Notorious, starring Jamal Woolard, did the best job of resurrecting the dead. It lists the best stuff Oscar overlooked this year:
  • Best Widow: Carey Mulligan in Brothers. Her portrayal of a widow of a US soldier
... More »

8 Least Likely Celeb Homewreckers

Meg Ryan, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes? Say it ain't so!

(Newser) - Susan Sarandon's 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins may have been broken up by her affair with a much younger ping-pong player…or it may have been broken up by Meg Ryan. Yes, that Meg Ryan: "America's sweetheart." But she's not the only unlikely celebrity homewrecker. The Frisky found... More »

Wright Penn Lifts Pippa Lee

Strong cast boosts 'highbrow chick flick'

(Newser) - The ensemble melodrama The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is receiving largely lukewarm reviews, but most critics agree that star Robin Wright Penn's top-notch performance gives it a vital lift.
  • Wright , as a former wild child turned desperately bored middle-aged housewife, "is the miracle this picture needs, helping the
... More »

Cursed Celeb Name Changes

Should Heidi Klum really go by Heidi Samuel? Maybe not.

(Newser) - Heidi Klum is officially Heidi Samuel, taking a last name that even husband Seal doesn’t use—and it may not be a good PR move. Olivia Allin recalls other not-so-smart celebrity name changes on The Frisky :
  • Pamela Anderson: When she gained the “Lee” on the end of her
... More »

Sean Penn's Son Dodges Drug Charges

But Hopper may have been kicked out of another school for drugs

(Newser) - Sean Penn’s son, arrested last week at his Malibu high school, is not facing drug charges. Sources close to the investigation say he was picked up for drug possession, but tell Radar that the drugs—no names given—were medications prescribed to Hopper, and that the district attorney's office... More »

Sean Penn's Son Arrested

Teen son of Sean, Robin Wright Penn busted at school

(Newser) - Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Bad boy Sean Penn’s 16-year-old son was arrested last week, sources close to the investigation tell Radar . He was taken into custody at school in Malibu, but since he’s a minor, no word on whether charges have... More »

Sean Penn Finds New Galpal, 25

Model Jessica White replaces soon-to-be-ex Robin Wright Penn

(Newser) - Sean Penn wasted no time finding a new galpal in the wake of his split from Robin Wright Penn—and she’s just half his age and a swimsuit model to boot. The actor, 49, has been spotted around New York City with Jessica White, 25, and “they are... More »

Three Strikes: Wright Files to Divorce Penn, Again

(Newser) - There’s been a third divorce filing between Robin Wright Penn and hubby Sean Penn, Access Hollywood reports. The Penns have been on the outs, on and off, for years, but this time could be official. The fairer Penn claims “irreconcilable differences,” though the couple agrees to share... More »

Heaton + Basic Math = Painful TV

Plus, Penns are still separated, and more

(Newser) - Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond embarrassed herself and everyone watching last night on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Gawker reports. She acted as if her simple question—“If a euro is worth $1.50, five euros is worth what? Thirty quarters, 50 dimes, 30 nickels, or 90... More »

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