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Computer Sales See Worst Drop Ever

Laptop, desktop shipments drop 14% in Q1 versus year earlier

(Newser) - Looks like Windows 8 is doing little to reboot the market when it comes to laptops and desktops. Global shipments of the machines plummeted 14% in Q1 compared to the year prior, analysts at IDC say, marking the largest drop since its tracking began in 1994. The figures have been... More »

How Much Is Your Computer Really Worth?

Economists try to put a value on PCs in America

(Newser) - You can scope out the price tag of a Mac or PC at any given electronics hawker, but how much are computers really worth to us? Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta actually tried tackling that question, and they came up with $500 billion—or, on average about... More »

Desktops 'Irrelevant' in 3 Years: Google Exec

John Gerlihy says company to focus on mobile computing and the cloud

(Newser) - In three years, the desktop computer will be a relic of a bygone era and cloud computing will be the standard. At least that’s Google’s bet, as expounded by Europe exec John Herlihy. Down the road, he told a conference, “desktops will be irrelevant.” Just look... More »

Laptop Sales Zip Past Desktops

Netbook drives up laptop sales

(Newser) - The demand for Acer Netbooks has pushed laptop sales beyond desktop PC sales for the first time ever, CNET reports. Notebook PC shipments rose almost 40% for the third quarter of 2008 to 38.6 million units, while desktop sales slipped 1.3% to 38.5 million. Hewlett-Packard remains the... More »

10 Computers That Changed Everything

Before the iMac, there were mega machines

(Newser) - Convenience is a given when it comes to today's PCs, but the machine you're reading this on has come a long way. Major transformations date as far back as the early 19th century. Live Science gives the back-story on 10 revolutionary computers.
  1. The Difference Engine, 1822: Designed by Charles Babbage
... More »

HP's Touch Still a Bit Clumsy

TouchSmart PC 'fun,' 'versatile,' 'attractive,' Mossberg finds, but not quite there yet

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard’s revamped TouchSmart PC, a one-piece desktop computer with a touch-controlled user interface, improves on its previous, bulky iteration, with a sleek case, big 22-inch screen, and wireless keyboard and mouse, personal-tech guru Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. But the touch-screen software is still in its... More »

Dell Gets Behind Alienware for Gaming PC Push

Computer giant tries to recapture geek hearts with languishing brand

(Newser) - Dell is dumping its popular XPS line of gaming PCs so it can focus exclusively on the once-hot Alienware brand it acquired in 2006, the Wall Street Journal reports. The PC giant is in the midst of a full turnaround push, having fallen behind arch-rival HP, so it’s hoping... More »

Laptops Finally Outsell Desktops

Laptop sales soar 21% this year as desktops sag by 4%

(Newser) - Tech buffs have forecast a laptop takeover for years—and now US buying data is finally confirming a coup de desktop. Consumer laptop sales beat out desktop buys for the first time last year, and corporations will likely follow in 2008, the Los Angeles Times reports. New technology, lower prices,... More »

Dude, This New Dell Is Sweet

Desktop is 'elegant, handsome, and cleverly designed'

(Newser) - The iMac’s latest challenger is coming from an unlikely source: Dell. The maker " long associated with boxy, boring machines" brings the buzz with its newest contender, the XPS One, raves the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. The sleek desktop machine, he says, is “elegant, handsome, and... More »

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