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AT&T Looks to Rein In iPhone Data Hogs

Company may have to revamp how it bills customers

(Newser) - AT&T says it's working on ways to keep some iPhone customers from hogging everybody else's bandwidth. It will unveil a series of "incentives" early next year, which could include charging customers based on how much data they use rather than offering an "unlimited" plan, reports the Wall ... More »

Introducing Web 3.0

Mossberg and Swisher: it's an iPhone revolution

(Newser) - Web 2.0’s a thing of the past, write Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for All Things D. "Something major is happening at the intersection of tech and media, and we think it deserves its own new hyped-up name,” they announce. Web 3.0 is the era... More »

New Cell Service Warns of Speed Traps

Trapster helps motorists avoid tickets

(Newser) - Motorists intent on avoiding tickets can now rely on a mobile phone service designed to warn them about radar traps and red-light cameras, the AP reports. Called Trapster, the service uses wireless Internet or a phone’s GPS capabilities to determine location, and gives users an alert if they are... More »

UK Moves Closer to In-Flight Cell Phones

Service awaits nod from EU aviation safety boards

(Newser) - British air travelers may soon be able to use their cell phones while in flight, Reuters reports. UK telecom regulator Ofcom approved airline proposals to offer mobile service, pending assent by the European aviation safety authorities. Passengers would be able to make calls once the aircraft was in the air... More »

Nokia Divides Itself to Focus on Mobile Net

New corporate structure emphasizes services and software

(Newser) - Furthering its plans to transform into a mobile Internet company, Nokia has announced a corporate reorganization into three divisions: devices, software and services, and markets. It’s the focus on software and services, Fortune writes, that’s exceptional for the world’s largest phone manufacturer, and signals the seriousness of... More »

Google Hears New Cell Service Calling

Web giant boosts wireless profile with move into mobile media

(Newser) - Google is taking its business to a smaller screen with the development of a search tool to help cellphone users find and purchase content. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal the company hopes to tap into the small but lucrative world of mobile media, expanding beyond simple Web searches to... More »

6 Stories