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AT&T Customers Stunned by 'Unlimited Data' Limit

Top data users find smartphones 'throttled'

(Newser) - AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans in 2010, but some of the customers who already had the plans are finding "unlimited" doesn't necessarily mean what they thought it meant. AT&T has started "throttling" the top 5% of data users, cutting their download speeds by up... More »

Taliban's New Muscle Flexing: Cell Phone Outages

Awaiting US exit, they fight mind games

(Newser) - Every evening like clockwork, all the cell phones in Afghanistan's Wardrak Province stop working—and every resident knows why. The Taliban have taken to shutting off cell towers all across Afghanistan, threatening to blow them up if operators don’t cooperate, the New York Times reports. “Our main... More »

West Virginia Town Full of Those Sickened by WiFi

Green Bank residents say they have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

(Newser) - Most Americans hate being out of range of a cell phone tower, but not the residents of Green Bank, West Virginia. A growing number of Americans are moving to this mountain town, population 143, specifically because cell phones and WiFi signals are banned there, lest they interfere with the gigantic... More »

Court Backs Cell-Tower Haters

Aesthetics a valid reason for town to deny permission, Calif. judges say

(Newser) - Ghastly cell towers are proving to be little match for vista-loving communities: Palos Verdes Estates, a wealthy enclave near Los Angeles, took Sprint to court over proposed towers—and won, as have a number of other California towns. “You want cell coverage, but you also want beauty,” a... More »

McCains Get Free Cell Towers at Ranch

Ethics lawyers cite his Senate post overseeing telecom industry

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T provided portable cell phone towers to John McCain's Arizona ranch free of charge soon after he launched his presidential bid, the Washington Post reports. The companies say it's a unique situation—a modern candidate has to be plugged in, after all—but ethics lawyers say it's... More »

Cell Tower Company Sues Impostor CEO

Rival founder accused of impersonating executive online

(Newser) - Cellular infrastructure company American Tower Corp has sued Jide Zeitlin, the founder of one of its direct competitors, accusing him of impersonating its chief executive through an email sent to investors. Zeitlin allegedly provided Money magazine with negative reports regarding American Tower, later forwarding the published article online with the... More »

6 Stories