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Don't Pity This Woman

Palin deserves our scorn, and that's it

(Newser) - The media seems to be lining up to feel sorry for poor Sarah Palin, forced to endure these deer-in-headlights interviews. “I guess I’m one cold dame,” Rebecca Traister writes in Salon, because “when you stage a train wreck of this magnitude…I don’t feel bad... More »

McCain, Palin Embrace Hugging Etiquette

What's the etiquette for a mixed-gender ticket?

(Newser) - In 1984, Walter Mondale had a strict "hands-off" policy with running mate Geraldine Ferraro, never even putting his palm on her back when they waved to crowds. Two decades later, times have changed: John McCain and Sarah Palin have been embracing on the campaign trail, forgoing handshakes for a... More »

Congress Braces for Youthquake

Blue-haired lawmakers see resurgence of 20-, 30-somethings

(Newser) - Generations X and Y are setting their sights on Washington—and not as congressional pages, reports the Hill. More than a dozen candidates under 40 have a good shot at winning seats, potentially shaving a few years off the average legislator age, now nearing 60. But much like Barack Obama,... More »

Obama Surge Could Pull Plug on Bid by Bloomberg

Both men after independent voters

(Newser) - The ongoing popularity surge by Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama may short-circuit potential plans by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enter the race as an independent, reports the New York Times. “Obama is trying to reach out to independent voters, and that clearly would be the constituency that... More »

Moderates May Field Indie Candidate

Bloomberg to attend bipartisan meeting

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg may run in 2008 after all, if a bipartisan group of politicos fail to see progress from the major parties, the Washington Post reports. Bloomberg and a gaggle of figures, including former senators and governors, will meet next week in Oklahoma. They plan to demand that major presidential... More »

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