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Historic Navy Carrier Sold ... for a Penny

USS Forrestal will become scrap metal after 4 decades of service

(Newser) - A supercarrier once hailed as the "biggest ship ever built" has been sold—for a price that must rank among the smallest ever: one penny, paid by the seller. All Star Metals now owns the historic USS Forrestal after the Pentagon paid it one cent to dismantle and recycle... More »

'Dating Site' Lifts 250K Facebook Profiles

Creators say their work explores online identity

(Newser) - A website calling itself a dating service managed to launch with a whopping 250,000 profiles—by scraping data from public Facebook profiles. took names, images, and locations from thousands of users and used an algorithm to place them in categories like “Easy Going,” “Smug,... More »

New Web Trend Sparks David vs. Goliath 2.0

Web giants mobilize to stop developers from 'scraping' their content

(Newser) - Some call it “scraping,” others call it “importing.” Either way, it’s a controversial process pitting independent software developers against the titans of the cyber world: Techies compile, or scrape, loads of data from search engines and social networking sites and pool the data on their... More »

3 Stories