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Southern Baptists to Elect First Black President

Rev. Fred Luter leads largest church in Louisiana

(Newser) - When the Southern Baptist Convention originally broke away from the main Baptist church, it was over its support for slavery. So it'll be a pretty big deal when Rev. Fred Luter Jr. becomes its president next week. If delegates vote as expected, the charismatic New Orleans preacher will become... More »

Preacher Loses Radio Show Over Trayvon Rant

He accused Obama of pouring 'gasoline on the racialist fires'

(Newser) - Southern Baptist Convention officials today reprimanded prominent Baptist preacher and ethicist Richard Land and canceled his radio show, over controversial comments he made in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Baptist Press reports. "We reprimand Dr. Land for his hurtful, irresponsible, insensitive, and racially charged words,"... More »

Baptist Perry Backer Calls Mormonism a 'Cult'

Dallas pastor wants evangelicals to snub Mitt Romney

(Newser) - Rick Perry spoke today at the conservative Values Voter Summit, but the guy who introduced him seems to be stealing all the headlines. That would be Robert Jeffress, a Baptist pastor of a Dallas megachurch who told reporters later that Mormonism is a "cult" and that evangelicals should therefore... More »

Alabama Gov: OK, You're All My Brothers!

Robert Bentley's really sorry if he offended non-Christians

(Newser) - Robert Bentley is quickly getting the hang of being a politician: Alabama's new governor stuck his foot in it in his first hour in office, and now he's rapidly mastering the art of apologizing. "If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I... More »

Baptist Pastors Prayed for Obama Death on Presidents Day

Preacher: 'Ask God to make his children fatherless'

(Newser) - While a handful of Americans might have taken a few minutes to reflect favorably on George Washington and Abe Lincoln on Presidents Day, some evangelical leaders devoted their time to praying for Barack Obama's death. The "Imprecatory Prayer" is a favorite of Arizona’s Baptist preacher Steven L. Anderson... More »

Clinton Foe Ken Starr to Lead Baylor U.

Investigation by Texas school's next president led to '98 impeachment

(Newser) - Ken Starr, whose investigation as a special prosecutor helped propel the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, is to be the next president of Baylor University, the Baptist Texas school announced today. Starr, 63, has been dean of the law school of conservative Pepperdine University since 2004. More »

Parents Reunite With Haitian 'Orphans' Taken by US Group

Haitian prosecutor says Baptists could face conspiracy charges

(Newser) - As 10 Americans wait in a Haitian jail for a court hearing, which a prosecutor says could include criminal conspiracy charges, the children they are accused of trying to spirit out of the country illegally are being reunited with parents. “Many are saying that we have parents,” the... More »

A Baptist and a Mullah Team Up to Fight Taliban

US captain urges Afghan colonel to show faith to locals

(Newser) - A Baptist Army officer has teamed up with an Afghan mullah to fight Taliban propaganda that calls the Afghan army godless. “The only way we can keep people from becoming Taliban is by promoting the Muslim nature of the Afghan National Army,” says the mullah, Lt. Col. Abdul... More »

This Week, Britney May Be Jewish

Singer flip-flops between Christianity, Kabbalah, Hinduism...

(Newser) - Britney Spears was raised a Baptist, but her latest accessory—a Star of David necklace—led the New York Daily News to take a look back at the religions she’s tried out:
  • In 2003, it looked as though she would be one of Madonna’s Kabbalah converts, and she
... More »

Survey: Religion Shrinks in US

Most groups lose members; Christianity falls 11%

(Newser) - A new survey shows sweeping changes in US religious attitudes over the past 18 years, with most religions losing members despite population growth, USA Today reports. Those identifying themselves as Christians have dropped 11% in a generation; mobility and marriage patterns have uprooted many religious affiliations. “More than ever... More »

'Cowboy Church' Lassos New Followers

Baptists see success with services that feature rodeo riding

(Newser) - Rodeo competitions and baptisms in horse troughs are on offer at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County, Texas, part of a movement that uses an unconventional approach to draw worshippers to the flock, the AP reports. Cowboy churches have existed for 40 years but have grown in popularity in the... More »

Huckabee Tests Limits of Faith

Preaching prompted a backlash in Arkansas; in Iowa, will Christian soldiers come out?

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee is banking on his deep Christian faith drawing voters to him in the presidential primaries, but that same passion has proven a liability in the past. As Arkansas governor, Huckabee made several religious molehills into mountains big enough for Moses, the LA Times reports in an examination of... More »

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