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Best Cheap, Canned US Beers

National Bohemian tops list of cheap crowd pleasers

(Newser) - It's no small task to find a robust, canned American beer for less than $1, but these six passed the bar—albeit just barely—in a blind taste test conducted by the Washington Post:
  • Baltimore's National Bohemian tops the list with its secret strategy: "Actually tastes like beer."
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Michelle's 'Recession Chic' the Latest Rage

Her fashion sense has jolted an ailing retail sector

(Newser) - Barack Obama may decide how to stimulate the economy, but it's Michelle who's teaching America how to look good in it, CNN reports. She's dumped the traditional first lady look for a "recession chic" fashion—a brazen mix of little-known designers like fellow Chicagoan Maria Pinto and bargain buys... More »

How to Vacation on a Dime

Stretch your vacation dollar with these tips

(Newser) - With airline and entertainment prices rising, “free stuff isn’t just a bonus, it can be a vacation-saver,” writes Jeryl Brunner in Travel + Leisure, which offers 11 ways to beef up your trip on a budget.
  1. House-swapping: Cancel the hotel, and vacation in someone else’s home
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Dollar-Store Dining Possible in Big Apple

Creative cooks can find big value, bigger flavor at bargain grocers

(Newser) - Grocery-shopping in New York City takes a hefty toll on one’s pocketbook, Henry Alford writes in the New York Times, but at 99-cent stores, more diamonds in the rough exist than one might expect. Alford embarked on a challenge: to craft a week's worth of meals made mainly from... More »

Save Money; Buy Used

There's no need to throw away cash on these 10 items you shouldn't buy new

(Newser) - Some things, like lingerie and toothbrushes, are best purchased new. In other cases, used is just as good—and far cheaper. MSN Money gives you the lowdown:
  1. Books
  2. CDs and DVDs
  3. Little kids' toys
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Europe Beckons; Penny-Pinchers Can Respond

Diving dollar be damned—here are 10 tips for wise budgeting

(Newser) - The euro and the pound are kicking the dollar's butt, but that doesn't mean you need to cancel your vacation plans. The Times gives you 10 tips for traveling on a shoestring:
  1. Find cheap flights abroad
  2. Find a budget hotel or rent a villa
  3. Within Europe, try the budget airlines
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Hotels Go Budget Boutique

(Newser) - A new hotel hybrid, offering boutique aesthetics at budget chain prices, is poised to open across the nation this spring. The hotels trade on the hip design and high-tech amenities popularized by boutique hotels, but at less than $150 a night. The concession will be in location—most are planned... More »

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