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Facebook to Learn New Slang Before the Cool Kids

It filed a patent for a 'social glossary' last month

(Newser) - Facebook just patented something that could help all the parents on Facebook finally understand what their kids are saying, Business Insider reports. The social media company was granted a patent for a "social glossary" in February, and the patent filing was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office... More »

French Language Cops Go After English Slang

'Le buzz' might be 'le ramdam,' among others

(Newser) - A French panel has made its decision on a handful of English-based buzzwords it hopes to replace. Begone “le buzz” for Internet rumors; enter “le ramdam.” The winners, suggested by students, will be forwarded to the 18—18!—government committees that guard the language. If the... More »

'Green' Tops 2008's Most Annoying Terms

'Maverick,' 'staycation,' and 'game-changer' also make appearances

(Newser) - Did you get your fill of mavericks this year? Or companies claiming to go green? Those words made Lake Superior State University’s list of the most overused words and phrases of 2008, the AP reports. Other annoying winners:
  • Carbon footprint
  • First dude
  • Bailout
  • Wall Street, in comparison with Main
... More »

The Most Useless Words of 2007

'Surge,' 'random,' 'under the bus' top list of cringe-worthy neologisms

(Newser) - Do you roll your eyes every time a newscaster calls a coincidence a "perfect storm"? Cringe the thousandth time a teenager invokes "random"? The faculty at Lake Superior State University shares your vexation. Here are some selections from the school's list of words and phrases to... More »

4 Stories