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Bergdahl Heads for General Court-Martial, Could Get Life

Ruling general ignored recommendation Bergdahl go before 'special' military court

(Newser) - A lawyer for Bowe Bergdahl , the US soldier accused of deserting his Army post in Afghanistan in 2009 before being captured and held by the Taliban for almost five years, says his client will stand trial before a general court-martial, Reuters reports. Despite the advice of a preliminary-hearing officer that... More »

Ex-Marine Fights Discharge Over Bible Verse on Her Desk

'No weapon formed against me shall prosper' spurred court-martial

(Newser) - A Bible verse posted at her workstation was supposed to help Monifa Sterling keep her cool with miffed co-workers. Instead, the ex-Marine was demoted, received a bad-conduct discharge, and is now appealing a court-martial, Military Times reports. The phrase that started the conflict: "No weapon formed against me shall... More »

Manning Will Ask Obama for Pardon

Tells defense team: 'It's OK ... I'm going to be all right'

(Newser) - With his 35-year sentence for leaking military secrets, Bradley Manning should be eligible for parole in seven years, reports the Guardian . But the 25-year-old is hoping for an even shorter stay: His defense team will formally ask President Obama for a pardon next week. The chances of success are right... More »

Manning Wins Rare Victory in Court

Judge reduces maximum possible sentence to 90 years

(Newser) - A kind of victory for Bradley Manning's defense: The Wikileaker convicted of 20 of 22 counts will face a maximum of 90 rather than 136 possible years in prison, the Guardian reports. His lawyers argued that the prosecution had split several of Manning's crimes into multiple violations, increasing... More »

Manning Not Guilty of Aiding Enemy, But...

...He's found guilty of most other charges against him

(Newser) - Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious charge leveled against him and the one that could have carried a life sentence. But the WikiLeaker isn't exactly off the hook; he was convicted on 17 other counts, including at least five counts of... More »

Coast Guardsman Charged After Odd Disappearance

Rescue swimmer Russell Matthews had been presumed dead

(Newser) - Veteran rescue swimmer Russell Matthews has been charged with deserting the Coast Guard, in the aftermath of a strange disappearance in which he was temporarily presumed dead. The 36-year-old was already in the process of being discharged from the Guard for illegally using marijuana when he disappeared in October, the... More »

Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges

But pleads not guilty to espionage for aiding the enemy

(Newser) - Bradley Manning pleaded not guilty today to the 12 most serious charges against him, including espionage for aiding the enemy. But the US Army private did plead guilty to 10 lesser charges in the WikiLeaks case, the Los Angeles Times reports. Those 10 charges could mean he spends 20 years... More »

Afghan Massacre Suspect Had Brain Injury: Lawyer

Lawyers ready 'mental health defense' for Robert Bales

(Newser) - Before allegedly launching a shooting spree against Afghan villagers, US Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, his lawyer said at a hearing yesterday. Bales' defense team said it was readying a "mental health defense" in the massacre case; lawyer John Henry... More »

Aide: General Threatened to Kill Me if I Revealed Affair

Army captain testifies against Jeffrey Sinclair

(Newser) - The military hearing for an Army general accused of sex crimes involving female subordinates began this week, and an Army captain who allegedly had a 3-year affair with Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair testified yesterday that Sinclair threatened to kill her if she revealed the relationship. She admitted that, "in... More »

Army General Charged With Sex Crimes

Sinclair faces possible court-martial on charges including forcible sodomy

(Newser) - An Army general who served as deputy commander of the 82nd Airborne Division has been charged with sex crimes and with having inappropriate relationships with female subordinates in Afghanistan, reports CNN . Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who was relieved of his command and returned home to Fort Bragg in May, faces... More »

Death Penalty May Await Soldier in Afghan Killings

Army soldier accused of killing 16 Afghans would face lethal injection: lawyer

(Newser) - The US soldier accused of gunning down 16 Afghan civilians near Kandahar may himself be killed for the crime, a military defense attorney tells MSNBC . "Based on what we’re hearing I suspect this will be prosecuted as a death penalty case," says Philip Cave, who is based... More »

8 Women Sue Military for 'High Tolerance' of Rape

They say they were raped, sexually harassed

(Newser) - Eight current and former servicewomen have filed a lawsuit against the US military, saying that they suffered rape, sexual harassment, and other abuse, and that reporting it to their superiors brought retaliation. The suit, which names past and current leaders up to and including Leon Panetta, says the military has... More »

Marine Gets 30 Days in Hazing Death

Jacob Jacoby admitted to punching, kicking fellow Marine Harry Lew

(Newser) - Lance Cpl. Jacob Jacoby admitted to punching and kicking fellow Marine Harry Lew before Lew committed suicide , and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Jacoby, who pleaded guilty to assault, will also see his rank reduced to private first class. Prosecutors withdrew additional charges that Jacoby threatened and humiliated... More »

Manning WikiLeaks Hearing Ends

Court-martial opinion due next month

(Newser) - Bradley Manning's court hearing ended today almost a week after it began . Prosecutors revealed an alleged al-Qaeda propaganda video that featured militants describing how they used leaked documents to their advantage. Manning, prosecutors said, "aided in the publication of those files, knowing that our enemies would use... More »

Bradley Manning Heads to Court

In chat logs, Wikileaker wanted 'people to see the truth'

(Newser) - Bradley Manning will at last head to court today, for a pre-trial hearing in which prosecutors must prove they have sufficient evidence to court-martial him. The charges against him include aiding the enemy, violating the Espionage Act, and a variety of lesser offenses, the Washington Post reports. While aiding the... More »

US Army Busts Soldier, Will Face Spying Charges

Man stationed in Alaska to be tried in military court

(Newser) - US Army Spc. William Colton Millay has been arrested on suspicion of espionage, the military announced yesterday. Millay, 22, was stationed in Alaska as part of the rear detachment of the 164th Military Police Company, or as they’re better known, the “Arctic Enforcers,” Reuters reports. He was... More »

Hasan Faces Military Trial, Death Penalty

Alleged Fort Hood shooter's lawyer loses argument

(Newser) - Nidal Hasan, the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood massacre, will face a military trial and could, if convicted, be sentenced to death, Fort Hood's commanding general announced today. Hasan's lawyers had tried to convince the military that a death penalty case would be too expensive, time consuming,... More »

Soldier Who Killed Afghans for Sport Gets 24 Years

Jeremy Morlock pleads guilty to 'Kill Team' murders

(Newser) - A soldier who confessed to killing unarmed Afghan civilians for sport has been sentenced to 24 years after entering a guilty plea. Jeremy Morlock, of Wasilla, Alaska, has agreed to testify against four other soldiers involved in the case that's being called the Afghan Abu Ghraib , reports the New York ... More »

US Steels for Fallout From 'Afghan Abu Ghraib'

Publication of 'repugnant' body photos are bound to infuriate community

(Newser) - US officials are bracing for protests in Afghanistan in the wake of the publication of gruesome photos taken by a renegade "Kill Team" of American soldiers posing with a civilian corpse. Twelve members of the group face court martial charges linked to civilian murders. Three of some 4,000... More »

Soldier Faces Court-Martial for Civilian Shooting

Sgt. Derrick Anthony Miller accused of shooting unarmed man

(Newser) - An Army National Guardsman is accused of murdering an unarmed Afghan civilian in September, and will appear before a court-martial in June. During an otherwise routine mission, Sgt. Derrick Anthony Miller detained Atta Mohammed for questioning after the Afghan entered a security perimeter. Army investigators say Miller threatened to shoot... More »

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