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'Sad Day' Arrives for Azure Window

'Game of Thrones' landmark collapsed into the sea

(Newser) - A landmark familiar to Game of Thrones fans vanished in suitably dramatic style Wednesday when it crashed into the sea during a storm. The Azure Window rock arch in Malta was the backdrop to the wedding of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo in the first episode of Game of Thrones... More »

All Passengers Freed From Hijacked Plane

Ordeal on tarmac in Malta is over

(Newser) - A hijacking drama unfolded on an airport tarmac in Malta Friday, but it ended without violence. It began when two hijackers commandeered an aircraft carrying 118 people in the skies over Libya and diverted it to the Mediterranean island, reports Reuters . Claiming to have a hand grenade, the hijackers threatened... More »

R2-D2's 'Dad' Dies at 68

Inventor Tony Dyson was found dead at his home in Malta

(Newser) - The man who created Star Wars' most famous droid has died. Tony Dyson, the British inventor who built R2-D2, was found dead at his home in Malta, on the island of Gozo, the Guardian reports. He was 68. "A neighbor realized the front door was open and called the... More »

US Navy Saves 282 in Mediterranean

Boat belonging to apparent migrants was sinking

(Newser) - The US Navy rescued 282 people in the Mediterranean Sea following a call yesterday from the Italian military. Those rescued were apparently migrants from Africa; one of their six boats had begun to sink. The USS Bataan sent a pair of helicopters to the scene, and swimmers rescued those in... More »

Shark Eggs Rescued From Fish Market Grow Into Pups

Three are released at sea in Malta

(Newser) - Three baby sharks swimming off the coast of Malta got there in incredible fashion. Members of the conservation group Sharklab Malta came across dead nursehound sharks being sold at a local fish market, and got permission from vendors to remove the eggs, reports Malta Today . They brought the eggs to... More »

John Roberts: I'm Headed to 'Island Fortress'

He jokes about going to Malta, ducks ObamaCare questions

(Newser) - Don't hold your breath for any personal revelation by Chief Justice John Roberts about his pivotal role in the ObamaCare decision . When asked at a conference today how his vote might fit into his legacy, he responded, "Well, I won't answer anything that has to do with... More »

US Team Finds Sunken WWII Sub

HMS Olympus found on sea floor near Malta

(Newser) - The watery grave of scores of British servicemen has been found nearly 70 years after their submarine was sunk by a mine off the coast of Malta. A team from the American marine archaeology group Aurora Trust used a remotely operated vehicle to find the HMS Olympus on the floor... More »

Divorce Finally Allowed in Malta

Until now, citizens had to get un-hitched abroad

(Newser) - Maltese citizens will finally be able to divorce in their own country after lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to allow it today, ending sharp debate on the issue in this heavily Catholic island nation. Up to now, Maltese citizens could only obtain divorce abroad. In the last 30 years, 785 Maltese couples... More »

Bound, Shot Dog Buried Alive, Survives

Case sparks calls for tougher penalties for animal abuse

(Newser) - Man's best friend just found out how evil man can be. A female dog was found bound and whimpering with gunshot wounds to her head, and buried up to her muzzle in Malta. Incredibly, the dog rescuers nicknamed Star is recovering in an animal shelter while cops seek the... More »

Diplomat Accused of Preaching Too Much Resigns

State dept. said Douglas Kmiec spent too much time touting Catholic beliefs

(Newser) - The Obama administration’s ambassador to Malta has resigned following a State Department report that blasted him for spending too much time speaking and writing about his Catholic beliefs—to the detriment of his actual work, Politico reports. In a resignation letter sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the... More »

Americans Evacuated From Libya Finally Reach Malta

167 US citizens trapped by storm reach safe harbor

(Newser) - A ferry carrying Americans and other foreigners evacuated from Libya has finally arrived in Malta, the AP reports. Though the US and other governments recommended that their citizens leave Libya when the current unrest started earlier this week, the 167 Americans and 118 other foreigners were stuck at the Tripoli... More »

US Ambassador Kills Nun in Car Crash

Priest injured in Calif. wreck

(Newser) - An elderly nun was killed when the car she was riding in, driven by US Ambassador to Malta Douglas Kmiec, drifted onto a dirt shoulder and hit a drainage ditch in Los Angeles County yesterday. Kmiec and his other passenger, a 94-year-old pastor, were taken to hospital with serious injuries,... More »

Teary Pope: We'll Protect Young From Abuse

Benedict expresses shame in Malta visit

(Newser) - Pope Benedict met with a group of clerical abuse victims today and promised them the church would do everything in its power to punish abusive priests and protect young people in the future. The Vatican said Benedict expressed his shame and sorrow at the pain the men and their families... More »

Hijackers Threatened to Scuttle Russian Freighter

(Newser) - The hijackers of the Russian-crewed freighter Arctic Sea planned to destroy it if their ransom demand was not met, Reuters reports. “The crew members have already confirmed that the captors demanded a ransom and threatened to blow up the vessel,” says a Russian defense official. There was no... More »

Ransom Demand Made for Lost Ship

(Newser) - The missing Maltese-flagged ship that was reported off the coast of Africa appears to have been hijacked for a second time, CNN reports. “There has been a demand for ransom,” a Finnish police official said of the Russian-crewed Arctic Sea. “We are now dealing with two separate... More »

World's Most Legendary Bars

(Newser) - Even the most enjoyable vacation can leave you in need of a drink, and bars make great, offbeat places to learn about the history of your destination. The staff of shares its favorite legendary watering holes with Reuters:
  • Harry’s Bar, Venice: Famed Hemingway haunt claims to have
... More »

DNA Study: Ancient Phoenicians Still With Us

Phoenician blood in North Africa, MidEast

(Newser) - The Phoenicians may have disappeared as a distinct society a few thousand years ago, but it turns out their imprint remains very much alive today. Genetic researchers have discovered the DNA of the seafaring civilization in the blood of men—as many as 1 in 17— who live today in... More »

Top Spots for Solo Adventurers

Go it alone for fun

(Newser) - Looking to mend a well-trodden heart with a solo adventure? From serene fishing villages to culture-packed cities, several destinations can be just the ticket. For those who prefer to go it alone, IgoUgo readers recommend:
  1. Vienna
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Florence
  4. Parque Nacional Volcan Baru, Panama
  5. Marseille, France
More »

Cyprus, Malta Adopt Euro

Fireworks herald Mediterranean islands' currency change

(Newser) - The new year brought a new currency to Malta and Cyprus, which today became the 14th and 15th countries to adopt the euro. The changeover went smoothly, the EC said in a statement. "Both Cyprus and Malta are small, open and thriving economies for whom having a stable and... More »

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