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USC's Former Medical School Dean Allegedly Had a Secret Life

'Los Angeles Times' takes a long look

(Newser) - Dr. Carmen A. Puliafito, the Harvard-educated former dean of USC's Keck School of Medicine, oversaw hundreds of medical students, professors, and clinicians; he estimated he raised more than $1 billion in funds for the Southern California university. But in March of last year he resigned; the only reason he... More »

How Seinfeld Is Teaching Psychiatry to Medical Students

Professor has trainees offer psychiatric evaluations of characters

(Newser) - Sure, it's no Sesame Street, but it turns out Seinfeld can be very educational. Its characters show signs of a range of psychiatric problems, and it's up to Rutgers medical students to diagnose them. Twice a week, professor Anthony Tobia has his students—who number about 150 a... More »

We Need to Shorten Time It Takes to Become a Doctor

Slate columnist thinks 14 years is too long

(Newser) - We're going to need more doctors in coming years, but our current system of producing them is too long and expensive, writes Brian Palmer in Slate . Factor in college, medical school, and the requisite fellowships and residencies, and the average US physician spends 14 years in training. That's... More »

Thousands of Doctors Going Unused in US

Because they didn't train here

(Newser) - There is a doctor shortage in many parts of the US, and it's only going to get worse when ObamaCare kicks in. Meanwhile, thousands of foreign-trained physicians are already living here but are ineligible to practice without undertaking costly, time-consuming retraining, reports the New York Times . "It doesn’... More »

To Trim Health Care Costs, Train Doctors Faster

Rahm's brother Zeke Emanuel says 14 years of training is wasteful

(Newser) - Want to reduce waste and health care costs? Well bioethicist Zeke Emanuel—brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm—and health care policy professor Victor Fuchs think you should start by taking a scalpel to med school. In an opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association , the two argue... More »

Many Med Students Ignorant on Hand-Washing

2 of 3 rising doctors don't know when to clean hands: Study

(Newser) - Doctors are expected to be seasoned experts in all things health, but a new study suggests that medical students aren't always sure when they're supposed to wash their hands, reports Time's Healthland blog . Researchers quizzed 85 German medical students on different scenarios and found that only one... More »

Doctors' Required Reading: Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm have some insights to share

(Newser) - Doctors can memorize stack upon stack of clinical textbooks, but they should keep at least a few fairy tales on hand. Valerie Gribben—a medical student and author of The Fairytale Trilogy—says that in her work, she draws just as much from the Brothers Grimm as she does Gray'... More »

US Medical Schools See First Expansion in 40 Years

Enough with American students forced offshore for training

(Newser) - Nearly two dozen new medical schools have recently opened or are poised to open in the first surge in the number of doctors this country educates in at least 40 years, the New York Times reports. The expansion is aimed at redressing the odd situation that American students who can't... More »

Cross-Dressed Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Somalia

Three gov't ministers, 3 journalists among the dead

(Newser) - A male suicide bomber dressed as a woman attacked a university graduation ceremony today in Somalia, killing at least 15 people—including three Cabinet ministers and three journalists.The attack raised new questions about the ability of Somalia's weak government to control even the small area of the capital it... More »

Taiwanese Med Students Honor Cadaver Donors

(Newser) - A Taiwanese medical school is responding to the island nation’s shortage of cadavers for study by bringing the family of the deceased fully into the program, the Wall Street Journal reports. At Tzu Chi University, medical students meet with donors' families and even compose poems to their “silent... More »

Fewer Medical Students Considering Primary Care

Shortage of family doctors looms: study

(Newser) - Just 2% of graduating medical students say they plan to work in primary care, forecasting a shortage of doctors who coordinate care and keep costs low, the AP reports. And it’s not just higher pay luring them away: They fear the paperwork and increased workload. Primary-care doctors must “... More »

Med School Will Stop Killing Dogs

Heart studies using live canines set to end next month

(Newser) - The last US medical school to sacrifice dogs so doctors-in-training can examine their beating hearts will end the practice next month, reports the New York Times. Medical students typically use echocardiograms to study hearts, and the subjects are live medical students. Students will “become just as good doctors without"... More »

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