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Daylight Saving Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Spring forward ... drop dead?

(Newser) - If you've got a weak heart, you might have a good excuse for taking Monday off next time clocks go forward in spring, researchers say. A new study finds that the daylight saving time switch is associated with a shocking 25% rise in the risk of heart attacks on... More »

The New Guides on Statins Are Insane

Giving cholesterol drugs to healthy Americans is not the answer, 2 experts argue

(Newser) - The American Heart Association and the College of Cardiology want millions more healthy Americans to take cholesterol-lowering statins , which might sound like a good idea "if statins actually offered meaningful protection from heart disease; if they helped people live longer or better; and if they had minimal adverse side... More »

Heart Attack Side Effect: PTSD

Research also shows PTSD makes second attack more likely

(Newser) - Having a heart attack can leave you pretty messed up in the head, and being messed up in the head may actually make you more likely to have another heart attack, a new study suggests. By surveying 24 earlier studies, researchers found that roughly one out of every eight patients... More »

Impotence Linked to Doubled Death Risk

Men treated for ED should be screened for heart problems

(Newser) - Men who suffer from heart disease and erectile dysfunction may have twice the risk of both heart attack and death, a new study shows. The findings, published in Circulation, add to a body of research that suggests erectile dysfunction may signal other health problems. The message to patients: "If... More »

Achy Hearts Are Breaky

'Broken heart syndrome' caused by emotional, physical stress

(Newser) - Turns out hearts can actually "break" for those who suffer meltdowns. Doctors have identified a mysterious ailment called broken-heart syndrome that mimics heart attacks but is not connected to coronary artery disease. It's "a heart attack which is triggered by stress rather than by a blocked artery,"... More »

Heart Doc's Tips for a Healthy Ticker

South Beach Diet guru shares his secrets

(Newser) - Arthur Agatston, the cardiologist who cooked up the South Beach Diet, takes no medications and embraces a philosophy of moderation—he's not starving himself or downing dozens of vitamins. He clues Prevention magazine in on his advice for keeping your heart in tip-top shape:
  • Eat four times a day: 
... More »

Deep-Fried Butter Awaits Texas Fair-Goers, Cardiologists

(Newser) - Warning: Just reading this article may clog your arteries. The man who brought the world such delicacies as "Texas Fried Cookie Dough" and "Fried Coke" has devised an even more over-the-top, uh, food: deep-fried butter. It’s making its debut at the State Fair of Texas as part... More »

Study: Rage Can Be Fatal

Anger shown to cause irregular heartbeats with the potential for cardiac arrest

(Newser) - Anger really can kill you, a new study suggests. Researchers monitored the heart patterns of patients suffering from heart conditions and discovered that electrical instability in the heart increased when the patients were asked to relive angry episodes. Those who had the strongest reactions were 10 times more likely to... More »

Sleep Apnea May Cause Heart Attack at Night: Study

Disorder may increase chance of blockage

(Newser) - Sleep apnea could cause heart attacks to occur at night, Reuters reports. The disorder, in which breathing is temporarily blocked during sleep, causes changes in blood pressure and hormone levels that might increase arterial blockage, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology finds. More »

Docs Shelve Diabetes Study After Deaths

Findings contradict long-held doctrine of lowering blood sugar

(Newser) - Researchers have abruptly tabled a major study measuring the effects of lowering diabetics' blood sugar after a surprising number of deaths among participants. The results come as a shock to the medical community, which has long held that lowering blood sugar through diet and medication is the only way for... More »

Med School Will Stop Killing Dogs

Heart studies using live canines set to end next month

(Newser) - The last US medical school to sacrifice dogs so doctors-in-training can examine their beating hearts will end the practice next month, reports the New York Times. Medical students typically use echocardiograms to study hearts, and the subjects are live medical students. Students will “become just as good doctors without"... More »

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