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Doc Who Says He's Done 40K Abortions Pleads Guilty for One

Prosecutors say Robert Rho botched 30-year-old woman's abortion, leading to her death

(Newser) - A doctor's attorney says a death under his client's watch was tragic but not criminal; an assistant DA calls it a case of "greed and arrogance." Either way, Dr. Robert Rho, who says he's done at least 40,000 abortions, has pleaded guilty to criminally... More »

Tables Turned on Allred in $1M Fraud Suit

Now celebrity lawyer is the one being sued, by former client

(Newser) - Usually on the side that's doing the accusing , Gloria Allred has just been slammed with a lawsuit from an ex-client alleging she's the guilty party. Per LawNewz , TV weatherman Kyle Hunter, who hired the celebrity lawyer to represent him in his claim that CBS discriminated against him in... More »

Woman Sues After Husband Declared Dead: 'He Tried to Hug Me'

No one believed Tammy Cleveland when she (rightly) insisted husband wasn't dead

(Newser) - A widow is suing two Buffalo-area hospitals and doctors in each after her 46-year-old husband was erroneously declared dead last year—and no one believed her when she insisted he was alive, the Democrat and Chronicle reports. When Michael Cleveland suffered a heart attack on Oct. 10, wife Tammy rushed... More »

Study: You Will Suffer 'One Meaningful Diagnostic Error'

Data on diagnostic errors is scarce, but they're a serious problem: report

(Newser) - Virtually all Americans will at some point receive a wrong diagnosis or a delayed one, a new report from the National Academy of Medicine finds. "Everyone will experience one meaningful diagnostic error in their lifetime," the chairman of the committee that wrote the report tells NBC News . The... More »

Blundering Surgeon Lops Off Patient's Testicle

Routine op goes awry for doc fond of sedatives

(Newser) - Men everywhere will be glad to hear that a blundering surgeon who cut off a man's entire testicle when he was supposed to be removing a cyst is likely to lose his license. Nurses told a hearing in England that Dr. Sulieman Al Hourani appeared "rather surprised" as he... More »

Fugitive Doctor Caught Camping in Italian Alps

Mountain guide leads authorities to Mark Weinberger's tent

(Newser) - A fugitive American doctor accused of widespread fraud and malpractice was found and arrested this week on a snowy mountain in Italy after 5 years on the run. Mark Weinberg, an Indiana ear, nose, and throat specialist, was living in a tent in Val Ferret. When police cornered him, Weinberg... More »

US Health Care Wastes $700B a Year

A third of spending is lost to pointless treatment, paperwork, fraud

(Newser) - A study by Thomson Reuters released today confirms President Obama's contention that the American health care system is hemorrhaging billions of dollars a year, with one-third of the cost of care wasted on inefficiency, mistakes, and fraud. The report, which cites dozens of research papers, finds that about $700 billion... More »

To Fix Health Care, Fix Malpractice Mess

But that requires ignoring special interests—an unlikely scenario

(Newser) - If we’re going to reform health care, we need to contain the vast costs of a malpractice system that chiefly benefits trial lawyers, writes Philip Howard in the Wall Street Journal. As it stands, “billions of dollars are wasted in ‘defensive medicine,’” and 60% of... More »

Slow Down, Obama: Baby Steps to Fix Health Care

'Low-hanging fruit' can save us cash with little political fallout

(Newser) - President Obama has managed to achieve an impressive amount in his first few months in office—but “even liberals” are starting to get worried about cost, writes Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post. Health care reform, while needed, is vastly expensive. Maybe now’s the time to slow things... More »

Obama Offers Docs Backing on Malpractice Suit Limits

President may buck Dems to win over AMA

(Newser) - President Obama is taking his case for overhauling health care to a tough audience today: The American Medical Association, which is holding its annual meeting in Chicago, came out last week against Obama's plan to offer federal insurance to compete with private insurers. But the president privately with AMA officials... More »

Would-Be Suicide Wins $130K Against Life-Saving Hospital

'I can't even cuddle my wife with my right hand,' he complains

(Newser) - A would-be suicide has won a $130,000 settlement against the British hospital that saved his life, reports the Telegraph. The father of two complained that an extra heavy dose of IV drugs used to neutralize the 100 pills he swallowed reduced his arm function by 75%. "I know... More »

Military Families Fight for Right to Sue

High court ruling forbids suits against military hospitals

(Newser) - Many grieving families are outraged that they cannot sue over medical malpractice in military hospitals, the Los Angeles Times reports. Some have seen sons and husbands—all active duty service members—die in hospitals where resources are stretched thin. But a 1950 Supreme Court ruling created the Feres doctrine, which... More »

HIV Scandal Spreads in Kyrgyzstan

Health workers charged with infecting children

(Newser) - Fourteen medical professionals in Kyrgyzstan face malpractice and negligence charges after allegedly infecting 42 children with HIV. The group of doctors, nurses, and a top administrator could receive prison terms of up to 10 years for administering contaminated injections and blood transfusions. Such incidents may be common, one aide worker... More »

Safari With That Liposuction?

Cosmetic surgeries can be cheaper abroad—and come with perks

(Newser) - Americans looking to get cosmetic surgery are eschewing expensive procedures at home and opting for "medical tourism," traveling abroad for cheaper procedures—that sometime come with exotic vacation perks. Countries including South Africa, Argentina, Thailand, Brazil and Singapore are marketing their health services to Americans with the promise... More »

New Tech Tracks Things Left Behind

Chips, bar codes keep surgeons from leaving sponges in patients

(Newser) - Hospitals are turning to technology to cut down on incidents of doctors sewing up surgical patients with sponges and other items left inside, the Chicago Tribune reports. A bar-coding system to ensure what goes in comes back out is one solution; another involves tagging items with chips that allow them... More »

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