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Wyoming Democrats in the Spotlight

Only 12 delegates at stake, but candidates pull out the stops

(Newser) - This is what the 2008 presidential election has come to: even the least populous state in the Union gets to be the center of the political universe for its 15 minutes. Wyoming Democrats caucus today after being wooed as never before, the Los Angeles Times reports. And the Dems—all... More »

Romney Wins Silver State Caucuses

Ron Paul takes second place in surprise finish

(Newser) - Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican caucuses today, the AP reports, his second straight victory. Romney nabbed 51% of the vote with nearly all returns in. In a surprise, Ron Paul (14%) edged past John McCain (13) to take second place. Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee both got 8%, and... More »

Iowa Ads Got Unlikely Results

Caucusgoers may have known too much about 'establishment' candidates

(Newser) - The Iowa caucus results shook up more than just political campaigns, reports Advertising Age, as age-old advertising truisms also flew out the window. Mitt Romney’s $7.9 million on broadcast ads should have sealed the deal against Mike Huckabee, who spent just $1.7 million. Like Barack Obama (who... More »

Why Iowa's a Slog for Hillary

As memo predicted in May, the state has been an uphill battle

(Newser) - The Hillary Clinton camp was convinced that the road to the nomination must go through Iowa, but right about now they may be wishing they'd taken the advice of an aide who urged her to bypass the first caucus state completely. Politico revisits the aide's May memo for keys to... More »

Obama Widens Iowa Lead

Senator gains 4 points in last Register poll before caucuses; Huckabee maintains lead

(Newser) - Barack Obama gained on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in the last Des Moines Register poll before Thursday's Iowa caucuses, pulling 32% of likely caucusgoers, to Clinton's 25% and Edwards' 24%. Obama's widening lead—4 points up from late November and the widest all year—comes in part from a... More »

Hillary Faces Gender Hurdle in Iowa

Calls state a 'special burden,' but holds six-point lead

(Newser) - Gender bias may topple Hillary's Iowa bid and hurt her image as shoo-in for the Dem nomination, the Christian Science Monitor reports. She calls the state a "special burden" and was "shocked" to hear Iowans had never elected a woman governor; analysts say she's downplaying her hopes in... More »

6 Stories