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One Man's Coffee Grounds Are Another's Biodiesel

Waste can be turned into cheap fuel

(Newser) - If lattes seem overpriced now, wait until coffee becomes a precious commodity. An engineering professor spied an opportunity in the layer of oil he found floating in an old cup of coffee one morning. He extracted what was left in some used grounds—about 10%-15% oil by weight—with simple... More »

Biodiesel Gains Converts on Home Front

Reputable retailers selling kits to turn veggie oil to fuel

(Newser) - Half a billion gallons of it were brewed at home last year, and we're not talking beer. Homemade biodiesel is expanding from the days of hippies converting old electric water heaters to mainstream retailers offering safer, reliable processors, Wired reports. Anyone with the equipment, ranging from $3,000 to $13,... More »

Let Innovators Light Way Out of Energy Crisis

Washington should learn from entrepreneurs

(Newser) - As oil-addicted America looks to its energy future, the nation would be wise to follow in the footsteps of two innovators offering straightforward solutions to the crisis, writes Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times. “The Jewish Henry Ford” has a plan to turn Israel on to electric... More »

Green Cars Drive Into LA Spotlight

Zero-emissions hydrogen cars hit the streets of Hollywood

(Newser) - Hydrogen cars are the latest Hollywood must-have, and automakers are more than happy to see stars behind the wheel, the LA Times reports. The vehicles—which emit nothing but water—instantly speed celebrities to first place in the game of green one-upmanship. They are still years away from going on... More »

Molten Salt Key to New Solar Power Project

Aerospace supplier teams with clean-fuel company on new plants

(Newser) - A unit of United Technologies will join with clean-fuel firm US Renewables to store solar power in molten salt—enabling the sun’s rays to provide electricity even at night. Hamilton Sundstrand, best known as an aerospace-components supplier, says rising fossil-fuel prices have made a plan first hatched in the... More »

5 Stories