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'Cafe Fellatio' May Be Coming Soon to Geneva

If plans are approved, men will be able to order coffee and oral sex at the bar

(Newser) - The menu for a cafe planned in Geneva would be for adult eyes only if a Swiss firm gets its business plans approved. Bradley Charvet, who hails from a local escort agency and who came up with the idea for the so-called "cafe fellatio" (working title only, we assume),... More »

Meat-Throwing Thugs Attack Vegan Cafe

Some of them were wearing sausages

(Newser) - Simply avoiding a vegan cafe wasn't good enough for a group of men in Tbilisi, who stormed the establishment in the Georgian capital Sunday night and pelted diners with meat. The men "entered and started to be violent," the Kiwi Cafe says in a Facebook post . "... More »

Israeli Cafe Gives 50% Off Hummus for Jews, Arabs Who Co-Dine

Israeli eatery hopes common bond of chickpeas will ease ongoing tensions

(Newser) - In a month marred by violence between Israelis and Palestinians, one little Israeli café is trying to give chickpeas a chance. The Hummus Bar in Kfar Vitkin is offering half-off hummus to tables of Jews and Arabs dining together, the Times of Israel reports. "With us we don't... More »

Why 'Death Cafes' Have Gone Global

People worldwide get together to talk human mortality

(Newser) - People around the world are meeting over tea and cakes to talk about death—in surprisingly lighthearted ways. Created by a Swiss sociologist, so-called "death cafes" are designed to give people a positive atmosphere in which to discuss all matters surrounding human mortality, Prospect Magazine reports. The concept has... More »

How a Bipolar Woman Invented the $4 Toast Trend

San Francisco cafe owner started new 'artisanal' craze

(Newser) - These days, certain San Francisco cafes are offering "artisanal toast": Lathered with yummy stuff like almond butter or apricot marmalade, it tastes good ... and costs about $4. But what screams "waste of money" actually has an inspiring story behind it, writes John Gravois at Pacific Standard . Enter Giulietta... More »

Cops in 5-Hour Standoff With ... Quiche Thieves

'Apparently they were hungry,' cafe owner says

(Newser) - A couple of hungry thieves faced off against police for five hours after reportedly breaking into a cafe for a bite of quiche, the Guardian reports. The two men, aged 20 and 21, attempted the nighttime burglary in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England's northernmost town. But patrol officers noticed the break-in, and... More »

5 Dead, 1 Wounded in Seattle; Suspect Shoots Self

City reeling from spike in gun violence

(Newser) - Police say a gunman suspected of killing four people at a Seattle cafe and then a woman in a subsequent carjacking shot himself as officers closed in on him on a West Seattle street. He was listed in critical condition. One other person was critically injured in the cafe shooting,... More »

Panera Scores With Pay-What- You-Want Branch

Experiment shows 'people are fundamentally good': founder

(Newser) - Last May, Panera Bread turned a St. Louis-area cafe into a nonprofit branch , where customers pay what they choose. A year later, the experiment is working out fine, the AP reports: Some 60% of customers pay the suggested price, while 20% pay more and 20% pay less. It’s the... More »

Paris to Ban Heaters in Outdoor Cafes

It's more bad news for smokers

(Newser) - Since 2007, the French have not been allowed to smoke indoors in public places. So they have fled to the outdoor spaces of cafes. These can get a little chilly in winter, so the obliging proprietors have provided giant outdoor heaters to make sure that smokers are comfortable. No more.... More »

Nation's First Marijuana Cafe Opens in Portland

It welcomes those licensed to smoke it legally

(Newser) - A cafe in Portland, Oregon, made a little history yesterday when it became the first in the nation to legally open its doors to pot smokers. The Cannabis Cafe welcomes those who are licensed by the state to smoke marijuana for medical reasons. It doesn't sell pot to members—that's... More »

World's Oldest Bartender Calling It Quits

(Newser) - The longest serving bartender in the world—that Guinness-certified honor came 10 years ago—and slinger of one of the first beers after Prohibition ended is hanging up his cocktail shaker, the AP reports. Ninety-five-year-old Angelo Cammarata, owner of the beloved Cammarata’s Café in Pittsburgh, is selling after more... More »

Coffee Shops Grow Weary of Laptop Users

Drink-nursing users told to make way for bigger spenders

(Newser) - The longstanding love affair between coffee shops and laptop users is starting to go off the boil, the Wall Street Journal reports. Big chains still let computer users linger, but a growing number of independent shops, sick of customers nursing a cup of coffee all day when seats are in... More »

Cafés Squeezed as France Turns to Le Sandwich

Thousands of small eateries shut, but McDonalds is booming

(Newser) - France used to be the home of the three-hour lunch, complete with wine, cheese, and maybe some spirits to push indolent workers through the rest of their day. But times have changed, and so have eating habits—these days, reports the Washington Post, the French are scarfing down sandwiches in... More »

Cat Cafes Court Lonely Japanese

Childless Japanese turn to cafes for companionship

(Newser) - Hordes of childless Japanese are flocking to Tokyo's cat cafes to cuddle the residents and savor furry companionship along with a cup of tea. So popular are the cafes that reservations are required on weekends, GlobalPost reports. Career-minded urbanites who don't have the time or space for pets, let alone... More »

In Safer Cafes, Iraqis Smoke It Up Again

(Newser) - Iraqi men are hanging out in hookah cafes again, confident that government spies are no longer eavesdropping from the next sofa, the Los Angeles Times reports. Popular throughout the Mideast and hip in Western cities, shisha clubs have only recently reemerged in Iraq, thanks partly to increased security. "We... More »

Between Home and Work, Public Life Declines

More than ever, we need surprises of 'third spaces': Rodriguez

(Newser) - In the 1980s sociologists introduced the term "third place," neither home nor work, to encompass the bars, restaurants, and other public spaces that allow us to build relationships. Today, with global economic woes besetting even the iconic French cafe culture, our "public living rooms" are... More »

As Starbucks Wanes, Java Fiends Revel in Indie Cafes

Deposed giant makes room for local stores

(Newser) - As Starbucks' financial troubles percolate, not all java fiends are bemoaning the loss of the chain's talls, grandes, and ventis, reports Reuters. In fact, many are celebrating the java giant's downturn and throwing their support behind small independent cafes. Starbucks is set to close 600 stores and lay off 12,... More »

Café-Loving Kids Cash In on Laptop Ads

German firm pushes screen-back billboards at universities

(Newser) - A German company has a solution for university students who spend their time in cafés and need extra cash for coffee: laptop advertisements, Der Spiegel reports. Just slap a sticker on the back of your screen and you could earn $320 for a few months of public studying. Berlin-based... More »

Smoke-Free Paris Clears the Air

Smoking ban ends French tradition

(Newser) - The hazy, brooding atmosphere of Parisian cafes and bars has changed overnight with a French ban on smoking in public places. Clouds of smoke from scores of Gauloises and Gitanes cigarettes, which once hung over France's most celebrated salons and dining rooms, have wafted away. Similar bans are already in... More »

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