Jean Paul Sartre

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12 Famous Open Relationships

Charlie Sheen is the latest, the wackiest, but not the first

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen may be the craziest celebrity ever to have a relationship with multiple women simultaneously , but he's certainly not the only celebrity to do so. The Daily Beast rounds up a dozen:
  • Hugh Hefner: The Playboy founder's relationship record? Seven women at once. (He also, of course, dated identical
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Smoke-Free Paris Clears the Air

Smoking ban ends French tradition

(Newser) - The hazy, brooding atmosphere of Parisian cafes and bars has changed overnight with a French ban on smoking in public places. Clouds of smoke from scores of Gauloises and Gitanes cigarettes, which once hung over France's most celebrated salons and dining rooms, have wafted away. Similar bans are already in... More »

2 Stories