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Cold Front Blasts Through Northern US

Typhoon Nuri to blame for parts of the Northern US being cloaked in frost, snow

(Newser) - The tatters of a severe tropical cyclone called Typhoon Nuri collided with cold air over Alaska's Aleutian Islands this past weekend, earning it the nickname "bomb cyclone" (akin to the conditions that set off Superstorm Sandy in 2012). The resulting burst of "violent energy," reports CNN... More »

Epic Cold Snap Hits So-Cal

Orange County, San Diego freezing, and flooding could be next

(Newser) - California was going from cold to colder today, as a chill expected to bring the biggest mercury dips in years descended on much of the state. The Grapevine section of Interstate 5, the key artery linking southern and northern California, was shut down last night, thanks to a heavy snowfall... More »

Ice Traps 1K Ships in Brutal Cold Snap

China endures coldest winter in nearly 3 decades

(Newser) - China's worst cold snap in 28 years has frozen coastal areas and left 1,000 ships stranded in the ice, according to state news outlets. An average temperature of about 25 degrees Fahrenheit since last month has frozen 180 square miles in Laizhou Bay in eastern China, trapping the... More »

Romanian Towns Buried Under 15 Feet of Snow

Military flies in emergency food aid

(Newser) - Authorities declared an alert in Eastern Romania today, as military planes flew in emergency aid to towns and villages that have been cut off from the rest of the country for days by staggering quantities of snow. In some places, people have had to dig tunnels through up to 15... More »

300 Dead in European Cold Snap

Ukraine, Bosnia, Poland take the brunt of it

(Newser) - Now in its second week, a European cold snap has claimed more than 300 lives and sent hundreds more to hospitals, the Telegraph and BBC report. Some temperatures have plunged as low as -40 Fahrenheit. Ukraine still has it worst with 131 officially dead—most of them homeless—and 1,... More »

Death Toll Rises in European Cold Snap

Europeans grapple with worst winter in years

(Newser) - While much of the US basks in unseasonably warmish weather, Europe continues to be locked in a deep freeze that's getting even colder. More than 100 people have died in Ukraine, Italy is suffering its coldest winter in 27 years, and conditions are so severe in Serbia that thousands... More »

58 Dead in European Cold Snap

Ukraine sees 30 die in recent days

(Newser) - Thirty people, most of them homeless, have died of hypothermia in recent days in Ukraine, part of a surge of deaths across eastern Europe as the region grapples with an unusually severe cold spell. In all, at least 58 people have died from the cold in Europe over the last... More »

Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

Sorry, folks, a cold snap doesn't reverse trend

(Newser) - Fox News is basking in this year's frigid winter because it apparently disproves global warming. "Yeah, that global warning thing is really kicking into high gear, isn't it?" sniggered Foxman Steve Doocy recently as he reported record lows across the nation. Dufus! "The ability to distinguish trends from... More »

No, Those Iguanas Aren't Dead

They shut down, fall out of trees in chill, but will revive

(Newser) - No, those iguanas plummeting out of trees all over Florida haven’t been killed by the unusual cold, nor are they suicidal over it. In fact, a Miami zoologist tells WPLG-TV , the lizards’ bodies basically turn off when temps dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and they hibernate until things get... More »

Arctic Blasts Drop US Big Chill to -37

Weather brr-acing from Plains to Florida

(Newser) - A large chunk of the US was in the deep freeze yesterday, with temperatures plunging below freezing to as low as -37 in Minnesota's hapless International Falls, the town's coldest day since 1911. Temperatures dove from the Plains, Midwest and Northeast to Florida, giving citrus growers the shivers. Jacksonville was... More »

Deep Freeze Chills Midwest as Outages Plague Northeast

(Newser) - Brutally cold temperatures are buffeting the Midwest today, and states of emergency remain in effect throughout the Northeast following a devastating ice storm that left more than 400,000 people without power, USA Today reports. Schools were closed in Massachusetts and crews from up and down the Eastern seaboard rushed... More »

Fla. Growers Fight Record Cold

State of emergency as temperatures plummet

(Newser) - Florida shivered last night  last night as a cold snap set new lows—35 degrees in Ft. Lauderdale—and threatened serious damage to crops. Farmers spent the night in the fields, spraying strawberries and oranges with water to create a protective glaze of ice. In  Plant City, dubbed the winter... More »

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