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Smokey Bear's Fire Still Burning at 65

But some criticize his simple message

(Newser) - He turns 65 this year, but Smokey Bear’s nowhere near extinguished, the Los Angeles Times reports. The mascot remains as fiercely beloved by baby boomers as he is fiercely protected by the government: Federal law keeps his image from unauthorized use, which can result in a $150,000 fine.... More »

Top Ways to Die in TV Hospitals

Death by heroism, redemption kill scores on doctor shows

(Newser) - In honor of ER meeting its end tonight, NPR looks at the lesson-giving, plot-driven ways most guest characters meet theirs on such medical TV dramas. A few of the most common:
  • Death by heroism. Saving a dog, old person, or otherwise vulnerable individual can drastically increase a character’s chances
... More »

Clive Owen+Stubble=Everyman

(Newser) - Clive Owen may be good-looking, but his success in recent years depends squarely on his ability to inhabit scruffy Everyman characters that connect with audiences, New York reports. His new film, The International, heightens the illusion, as Owen’s everyday character is thrust into the middle of a shadowy financial... More »

Winslet on Reader Role: It's 'Blown My Mind'

(Newser) - Even for a seasoned actress like Kate Winslet, the role of Nazi guard Hannah Schmitz in The Reader was a game-changer, writes Brad Balfour in the Huffington Post. “I sort of walked away like some car crash victim who somehow hadn't been hurt on the outside,” Winslet said.... More »

What's Italian for 'Over-the-Top Method Acting'?

On film set, Day-Lewis gets into character —and stays there

(Newser) - Daniel-Day Lewis is trapped in the persona of his latest character again. The Irish actor, who plays womanizing director Guido Contini in the big-screen musical Nine, has taken to conversing with colleagues and barking out orders with an Italian accent. “He’s always waving his arms and telling the... More »

Race's Sharper Attacks Run Economic Risk

Knife-fight tactics are out of place in crisis, strategists say

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John McCain continue to sharpen their verbal barrage on each other ahead of tonight's debate, with Sarah Palin even going so far yesterday as to denounce Obama as "not one of us." But in economic upheaval, both candidates risk sounding off-message or even irrelevant, writes... More »

Dems Wake Up to Troubling 'Brilliant Stranger'

Torrid affair climaxes, and party wonder who it married

(Newser) - The Democratic Convention was plagued with an “air of unease” about Barack Obama, a candidate whose character and work few can vouch for, Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post. The “anxiety was that the party was nominating a man of many gifts but precious few accomplishments—bearing... More »

Is the NBA Nearing a Tipping Point?

ESPN's Sports Guy trumpets the rise of 'chemacterility' in hoops

(Newser) - The team model that has won the San Antonio Spurs four championships in nine years—a focus on  chemistry, strong character, and salary cap flexibility—is starting to crop up elsewhere in the NBA, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons thinks. He's coined a word for it  "chemacterility."  It... More »

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