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Men Are Faster, but They Tire Faster, Too

Scientists say women 'can outlast men by a wide margin'

(Newser) - Guys might be good at carrying heavy furniture but they tire faster than their female counterparts, new research out of the University of British Columbia shows. "We've known for some time that women are less fatigable than men during isometric muscle tests—static exercises where joints don't... More »

Chewing on Ice Better Than Sex (for Some)

Ice may offer mental boost for pagophagia sufferers

(Newser) - If you need coffee as a morning pick-me-up, you're not alone. If you need to chomp through a cup of ice, you're also not alone—but there are fewer people like you. Such ice-eaters may suffer from pagophagia (a compulsive craving for ice) that could be caused by... More »

Why Moms Are More Tired Than Dads

Working mothers juggle more childcare with work: Pew report

(Newser) - Think parents are stressed as they balance work with childcare? Yep, but moms are more fatigued as they juggle work with the most stressful childcare duties, according to a Pew report of federal data. "Mothers spend much more time than fathers doing physical care—feeding the baby, giving baths,... More »

Post-Coital Fatigue Can Be Deadly for ...

... Squids, which are exhausted by 3-hour sex marathons

(Newser) - Luckily most of us don't have to hunt for food or dodge predators right after mating. But squids aren't so lucky, and strenuous sex romps leave them exhausted for about half an hour, the New Zealand Herald reports. Researchers in Australia studied the "southern dumpling squid" and... More »

Fatigue Can Make You Fat

Tired research subjects ate hundreds more calories per day

(Newser) - You better be sleeping enough or you'll plump up, say scientists: Tiredness and sleep-deprivation may lead to snacking. A new study by the Mayo Clinic found that people who got less sleep than a normal night consumed hundreds more calories the next day compared to people who get a... More »

Hungry Judges Less Lenient

Fatigue may lead decision-makers to choose easy options

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself before a judge, you should hope that he or she is well-fed and well-rested, new research suggests. Researchers analyzed more than a thousand parole hearings in Israel and discovered that judges were much likelier to grant an inmate parole if the hearing occurred soon after... More »

Later School Start Time Means Happier Students

Adolescents need lots of sleep, have odd body clocks

(Newser) - Starting high school classes just 30 minutes later leads to marked improvement in students' moods and even their overall health, CNN reports . Teens need 8½ to 9¼ hours of sleep a night, and biological changes associated with adolescence mean they naturally fall asleep later than younger kids. In a small... More »

Buffalo Crash Puts Pilot Fatigue Under Microscope

(Newser) - You want to be a flashy, high-flying pilot? Get ready for poverty-level wages, grueling commutes, and near-constant exhaustion, the New York Times reports. The inquiry into the crash of Flight 3407 near Buffalo has thrust regional airlines into the spotlight, and with that attention comes concerns about pilots’ challenging lives.... More »

'Embarrassed' Leno Admits Health Woe: Exhaustion

(Newser) - Jay Leno has revealed the mystery illness that sidelined him last week: exhaustion. He blamed the The Tonight Show, his tough stand-up schedule, and writing jobs—he writes three columns too—for his first sick days in 17 years. It was still "embarrassing," he told People.... More »

Placenta Drip: Fad or Fantastic?

Afterbirth consumption risky, unproven to boost health

(Newser) - Feeling tired? A Tokyo clinic offers relaxation drips containing human placental extract as a pick-me-up. Long used by the Japanese to treat liver disease and menopause symptoms, placenta—with its immune molecules and nutrients that sustain the fetus during pregnancy—is symbolic, if not utterly scientific. The idea of a... More »

Raise Your Hand If You're Sick of the Election

Voters suffering from 'electoral exhaustion,' especially in swing states

(Newser) - News flash: Voters are getting sick of hearing about the election. With just eight days to go the battleground states are weary with campaign fatigue, particularly in places like Iowa, where the candidates have made a total of 263 stops. "People are fed up with it, and maybe they... More »

Sleepy Pilots Want Trimmed Schedules

Penny-pinching means more flying, on FAA rules dating from '60s

(Newser) - Airline pilots are seeing their flying hours approach the federally mandated limit, and many of them have had enough, the Wall Street Journal reports. Safety experts agree that the current regulations, in place since the 1960s, don't reflect current knowledge about the dangers of fatigue. But penny-pinching airlines keep pushing... More »

What We Can Learn From Being Dog-Tired

Sled dogs' metabolism may yield clues on fighting human fatigue

(Newser) - Alaskan sled dogs racing for days on end don’t get tired out the way a human runner would, the New York Times reports, and researchers eager to imitate this fatigue resistance in people—particularly soldiers—say it’s because they’re somehow able to change their metabolism. “Suddenly... More »

Campaign Fatigue Grips Dems

On trail with no end in sight, both camps are exhausted

(Newser) - Barack Obama likes to joke that since his campaign started, "babies have been born and are now walking and talking," but he's hardly exaggerating. The last 15 months have seen staffers from both his and Hillary Clinton's camps get married, become parents, and grow increasingly exhausted as the... More »

Campaigns Hit the Road; the Road Hits Back

Weddings, funerals, Democratic staffers' personal lives fall by the wayside

(Newser) - Forty-two states have voted, and the Democratic Party isn't much closer to having a presidential nominee than it was on New Year's Day. Election fatigue is walloping campaign workers who planned to pack up on Super Tuesday and are still working 6 weeks later. “People are being held hostage... More »

From Night Owl to Early Bird?

Altering caffeine, light, can help mold sleep patterns

(Newser) - For those wide-eyed deep into the night, rising and shining with the early birds might seem like an elusive dream that comes to a jarring end each morning. But for this 5% to 30% of the population, understanding circadian rhythms can benefit their tired eyes more than chugging coffee. The... More »

Stumping Hazardous to Health

Stress of political races can cause overeating, premature aging

(Newser) - Even the presidential candidates who miss out on the White House will feel the effects of their campaigns for years to come. The mad dash to the Oval Office—speeches all day, deadline pressures, cross-country tours—puts tremendous stress on the body. Forbes takes on the low points:
  1. Sleep deprivation,
... More »

Iowa Keeps Candidates Awake at Night

24/7 campaigns have made for a raft of fatigue-induced gaffes

(Newser) - Fatigue has officially taken hold in Iowa, and not just for voters. “I won’t remember Iowans,” a sleep-deprived Mitt Romney said recently (he meant “I’ll never forget”), while Mike Huckabee offered “apologies” over Benazir Bhutto’s death (he’s not a suspect), and... More »

No Tired Explanation: Yawning May Cool Brain

Evolutionary adaptation keeps the nervous system's motherboard cool

(Newser) - Yawning may be less a response to boredom than a natural mechanism for cooling off overheated brains, new research says. The human brain operates optimally when cool, much like a computer, and conditions like fatigue actually cause the organ to heat up, ABC News reports. A quick gulp of air... More »

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