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Apple Widens Music Strategy, Buys Startup Lala

In case people get music from a cloud, not an iPod

(Newser) - Apple has bought the online music service Lala to broaden its reach in the digital music business. Lala relies on so-called cloud computing: It allows users to buy songs for 10 cents and listen to them on the web, but they're not downloaded to the person's hard drive or devices... More »

5 Sites Keeping You Tuned Into Online Music

Streaming music gets a foothold among listeners

(Newser) - The wide world of online music now offers a range of ways to stream your tunes, from pay sites to musical social-networking services. It’s hard to tell which will stick around, but experts say they may help save the music industry, CNN reports. A sampling:
  • Napster: It’s back
... More »

Online Music Sales Surge in Britain

Holiday bounce credited with rare good note for music industry

(Newser) - Online music downloads in Britain surged during the last week of 2007, more than doubling the corresponding week of 2006, Reuters reports. With physical album sales still down and digital piracy continuing, analysts saw a high note: "The news should help induce optimism that the recorded music industry may... More »

3 Stories