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Swingers Trial Tests Sex Mores, Limits in China

Verdict in 'group licentiousness' case due tomorrow

(Newser) - They were members of a modern-day swingers' club in China, where people met online and then gathered in homes or hotels for group sex parties involving dozens of men and women. Last month, Ma Yaohai, a 53-year-old college professor and 21 others went on trial in the southeastern city of... More »

Sex Revolution for Granny & Gramps

Over 70s enjoying more nookie than ever

(Newser) - Men and women in their 70s are having more sex than ever, according to a series of surveys. Over a 30-year period the number of married men still enjoying sex in their 70s increased from 58% to 62%, while that  figure jumped 38% to 58% for married women, the Independent ... More »

Ten Steps to Greener Sex

From recycled bikinis to fair trade condoms

(Newser) - Eco-conscious sex certainly doesn't have too enticing a ring to it, but don't discount the enjoyable ways to spice things up while doing your part to save the Earth, says From the reasonable to the wacky, they've got you, er, covered:
  • Grab French Letter condoms, the world's only
... More »

Argentina's New Woman Takes Reins (in Bed)

Female assertiveness born during dictatorship keys sexual revolution

(Newser) - President Cristina Fernandez isn't the only empowered woman in Argentina, the Miami Herald reports: Her female compatriots may not be burning their bras in the streets, but they are at the helm of their own sexual revolution. They're the ones shopping at discreet all-female sex shops and dragging their boyfriends... More »

4 Stories