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This Astros Player Came to the 4th Inning Looking ... Different

Alex Bregman decided to shave his mustache right in the middle of the game

(Newser) - Hair today, gone … by the fourth inning? That's what happened with the Houston Astros' Alex Bregman Sunday during his team's game against the Kansas City Royals. reports the third baseman got a walk in the second inning, then didn't come to the plate again... More »

Judge: Ft. Hood Suspect May Be Forced to Shave

He says he's growing his beard for religious reasons

(Newser) - If he doesn't shave his beard on his own, Fort Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan may be forcibly shaved, Judge Col. Gregory Gross declared today. Gross also held Hasan in contempt of court for not shaving the beard already, and fined him $1,000, the AP reports. Hasan... More »

Cop Sues After Being Forced to Shave for Obama

He has a skin condition, doctor's note

(Newser) - A recently retired Baltimore cop has sued the city and its police department for forcing him to shave ahead of a visit from then-President-elect Obama. The entire department was ordered to be “clean-shaven” for Obama’s arrival, but the officer, Anthony Brown, has a skin condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae,... More »

Chicks Dig Stubble

More than half of women in study like facial hair

(Newser) - Women are more attracted to a man with facial hair, says a new poll. Among the participants, 54% said they preferred a guy not to be clean-shaven. Of those, two-thirds liked all-over stubble, 19% liked moustaches, 12% preferred beards, and 6% goatees. Only about a third of women polled said... More »

What's the Deal With Unshaven Women?

Role models like Mo'Nique remind girls they have a choice

(Newser) - Mo’Nique’s hairy legs during this year's awards season put personal grooming in the spotlight: Are women who skip shaving taking a stand or just grossing other people out? Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls tells the New York Times , “People assume you’re making a statement, but... More »

Joaquin Phoenix Cleans Up for PSA With ... Miley Cyrus

Star shaves, joins Cyrus, Liv Tyler to promote suicide prevention

(Newser) - Joaquin Phoenix has returned to the limelight, clean shaven and with a befuddling new pal: Miley Cyrus. In a PSA for a suicide-prevention group, Cyrus shares her computer skills with Phoenix—who pretends not to have a clue who she is—and a game Liv Tyler, E! reports. “A... More »

Razors Snip Pubes in Hair-Raising Trend

More men opting for 'back, crack, and sack'

(Newser) - Pornographers have proved prescient yet again: The industry’s obsession with shaving pubic hair has reached mainstream society, including teens, in a trend that’s puzzling experts and portraying the hirsute as freaks, Der Spiegel reports. One German poll found 50% of women and 25% of men trim or remove... More »

Spas for Guys Combine Beer, TV and Manicures

Four male reporters test brave new world of salons for men

(Newser) - Spas and salons that cater exclusively to men—complete with manicures, facials, and straight-edge razor shaves—are popping up across the US. But instead of the pastel-colored decor found in a traditional salon, these spas include flat-panel TVs set to ESPN, beer on tap, and pool tables, reports the Wall ... More »

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